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Topic initiated on Wednesday, August 5, 2009  -  11:31 AM Reply with quote
misconceptions about women in Islam

Some short lectures which try to remove some common misconceptions about women in Islam:

1. Mahr: Price of Owning a Wife
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3w6hT7XqLw 2 Women are Inferior to Men
3. Women Outnumbering Men in Hell
4. The Right to Beat Wives
5. Marriage with Jewish and Christian Women
6. Sex with Slave Women
7. A Women's Diyat
8. Women Travelling with a Mahram
9. Testimony of Women
10. Women are Deficient in Intellect
11. Women can't become Heads of State
12. A Wife cannot Refuse Sex
13. Daughters Half Share in Inheritance
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwK24SJTIGQ 14. Polygamy: A Physical Requirement of the Husband
15. Iddat Restrictions
16. Was Eve Created from Adam's Rib?
17. Head Covering
18. Objections on the Marriages of the Prophet
19. Women Bring Bad Luck
20. Husband's Permission for Leaving the House
21. Halalah: A Shameful Issue
22. Misconceptions about Sexual Intimacy
23. Fasting with the Husband's Permission
24. A Wife cannot Divorce Her Husband
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7DPorDt4IM 25. Buying Divorce
26. Custody of Minors After Divorce
27. Wrongly Given Divorces
28. The Veil
29. Should Women Speak Sternly with Strangers?
30. Should Women stick to their Houses?
31. Should Women only come Before Near Relatives?
32. Is there Pardah from the Brother in Law?
33. Honour Killings

Posted - Thursday, August 6, 2009  -  6:45 PM Reply with quote
Asalam Aalaikum,

Thank you for posting these useful video lectures. Thanks for making these videos available online by uploading them on youtube.com

May Allah(swt) reward you for this.

Allah Hafiz

Posted - Thursday, August 6, 2009  -  7:07 PM Reply with quote
These are very important topics with very important information as against to the traditional knowledge and teachigs of Islam mostly spread around and causing lots of troubles.
I think topics like this must be promoted more widely and globally.

We pray that the people doing this job can continue to work hard on these issues and bring them into generalized focus.

Posted - Friday, August 7, 2009  -  7:51 AM Reply with quote
Dear Brother,

You shouldnot say that these video lectures on the issue "Women rights in Islam" are against traditional Islam completely because according to my understanding and knowledge,these video lectures offer almost similar level of knowledge given by majority of the Islamic Scholars.The difference is that the Scholars of Al-Mawrid take a flexible approach towards many issues and I donot agree with all of their views and understanding.

Every individual has the right to accept what he thinks is correct .

Posted - Saturday, August 8, 2009  -  2:26 PM Reply with quote
Oh no no no student1 you got it totally wrong my dear! The time has passed when things could be left intermingled. Havn't you seen the terrible results of the religious extremism based on traditional views all over the world lately? What else Muslims are waiting for? After their blood been shed like water everywhere, their children being cut into pieces, their women disgraced like sheep and thier lands invaded as if the invaders' grand fathers' properties?

It's high time the true picture of Islam and it's teachings got purged of all the innovations and stories added over the years.
Believe me it's no joke.It's a chore of the Prophets. This work is as hard, or even harder than climbing the mountains!!Only men of courage & faith can do it. And if it wasn't done today, your children won't survive in this world for long remember.

It's a lazy voice of typical so called "Religious Leaders or Imams" to leave the things as they are. "Allah hidayat dey ga. People will pick from right to wrong. All is well. "
Eat halwa, drink milk, (Grand Sunnahs!) and go to sleep after patting your "tonde" Big tummies -as we say in Urdu.

Or on the other hand the so called "Modern, rich and business men,clever Muslims. Busy hoarding all the material their hands could get on to, racing for the best of business, car models, bungalows, sending children out for higher studies, their wives busy decorationg the houses more and more. As if to live in this world forever. Why would they bother what are true Islamic teachings? As long as no one snatches away their goodies, their "baby toys" they are clinging to like toddlers. Ah! Woe to them. How long they think they will survive to enjoy this fleeting world, while ignoring whatever is happening to their brethren all over the world, or even next to their street. Look at all th eDefence Bungalows! Just opposite them you will find stripped up huts"Jhonpries" . You buy a cone ice-cream and 20 children will run behind you bare footed with torn clothes and dusty hair, grinning with their innocent but dirty faces for a lick of ice cream!Is this not a call & shout of God to these people? How do they ever still feel comfortable to go out in their shining cars and enjoy that ice cream? Honestly I can't understand. I feel it's like swimming through your own brothers and sisters blood.

I am not concerned who is doing this job. I don't even know the people of this website or Mr.Ghamdi much.It is least important for me who is doing it. But it's the work I am looking at. That is what the Muslim ummah needs today and must come forward to support it with all their means instead of moaning!!

Posted - Saturday, August 8, 2009  -  4:23 PM Reply with quote

Dear Brother,

I understand ur concern, but let me
correct you that all that you see happening in the Northern Areas of Pakistan is not mentioned any where in the Prophetic Traditions or historical sources.
Yes,it is really disappointing to see that Moualvis and Islamic Scholars kept silent on such issues especially those who are in political parties.
Not even a single Mualwis came out on the streets and protested against this
barbaric act of the extremist muslims in the Northern Areas of Pak.
These same political party Ulemas and moalvis know how to criticise Musharaf Pervaiz and other personalities but when it comes to defending Islam,they remain silent.
It is surprizing to know brother that
Indian Movie Stars like Sharukh,Salman came on the TV and defended Islam.

What is the use of such Islamic knowledge ,if pratically they cannot defend Islam?

This is the sign of day of judgement.

Posted - Saturday, August 8, 2009  -  4:38 PM Reply with quote
Dear Brother,

I agree with you,their is a hadith of
Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) in which he is
reported to have said that before the
day of judgment,a time will come when
the nation will be like their leader.

You see that majority of the businessmen and rich people in Pakistan
donot pay tax to the govt and govt has to collect tax from middle and poor class people.

During Ramadhan,the prices of goods
climb where as during Christmas in UK,USA and Canada,the prices of goods
is dropped down so that even a poor person is able to purchase the items.
Atleast they care about their poor people.

When this new govt came to power in Pak,it reduced 70% budget on Paki Universities.

Posted - Saturday, August 8, 2009  -  11:28 PM Reply with quote
i think the factor of sticking to some misunderstood values re:islam has caused lots of problems to muslims in the world.
for e.g. u can imagine how threatened the west felt when they got this mesge from islamic scholars and sources that jihad is obligatory on the present day muslims and their states and keeping the prophet's prophecy, they will fight the non-muslims of the world untill islam starts ruling the whole world. naturally the west took a hard line on this and decided to suppress and break down muslim power everywhere in the world even before they could, in their understanding, become so powerful to suppress or take over the non muslim states. the destruction of the small muslim population of bosnia in the middle of europe was a clear example of this and the rest of the links followed this heart rendering incidence in early 90s.

similarly when the message goes to the non-muslims that muslims cannot take them as their bosom friends and must not trust them, what do u think their attitude is going to be towards the muslims except hatered and dis-trust. even if that particular muslim does not believe or practice this, he/she will be categorized as such because of the general info being spread around amongst the muslims as their islamic education everywhere in the world.

there are many more examples. the traditional teachings about the treatment of women in islam, the penile code, the political shariah~it is so important to bring the true picture of islam to the world instead of the self implemented restrictions on each and every value. which has done nothing but created fear and threat about islam globally andmuslims have suffered individually and as a nation paying heavy price to the misconceptions spread around by the teachers and leaders of islam.

most scholars of the past century have taken these stances. and they have but caused more and more trouble to islam and muslims. it's hi-time that all these misconceptions get clarified.

Posted - Sunday, August 9, 2009  -  12:23 PM Reply with quote

Asalam Aalaikum,


I understand your post but the problem
that I have generally noticed among the muslims who live in West is that they try to throw the entire blame on the muslims and consider the West as completely innocent.
Can you please tell me who is doing the propoganda against Islam on the Media?
Why were muslims interogated after wtc attack? Why muslims had to stay at home in US with the fear that they will be attacked by any stranger their own the street.

The biggest problem with the people of the West is that they generalize .

You cannot say that all the crisis from which muslims are suffering is just because of muslims own fault.

what do you think?

Posted - Sunday, August 9, 2009  -  12:41 PM Reply with quote


Can you please give me some examples
of how these traditional Islamic Scholars have caused damage to Islam
and muslims?

Are you talking about the issues of apostasy,adultery and etc?

Posted - Sunday, August 9, 2009  -  2:33 PM Reply with quote
I can see clear examples given in Brother hkhan's post. Read it again student1.
He has quoted a few examples including the examples of Jihad, misconceptions about Women in Islam, penal and political shariah. Really when I listen to what the Khilafah people say about Making the whole world a Khilafah state and change the whole system or nizam of the world to Islami Nizam, I understand what hkhan is trying to say here. Women make 50 % of the world population & are the basic hands in training the next generations. When they hear the Islamic concepts of suppressing and beating women, describing them as less intelligent and a reason to bring bad luck on the basis of hadith quotations, they make sure to kpoison their children against Islam for obvious reasons.
And I think Mr.Ghamidi and team have specifically tried to clarify this misconception that all these prophecies of Muslims ruling have come true already in the Prophet's life himself.Similarly they deny Mehdi's or Essa's arrival because these are also not based on Qura'n and cause more threats to Non-Muslims.

I was watching on ARY News this morning that in some part of the West, I think it was about London, local Non-Muslims brought a rally out protesting against Islamic Extremism. I understand that this can also be a part of Jews and Hindus tricks who wish to cause conflicts & misunderstandings amongst Muslims and Christians but then Muslims have to do their home work to bring the Truth out to the world.

Posted - Sunday, August 9, 2009  -  5:46 PM Reply with quote
Brother Shahzad,

Asalam Aalaikum,

I understand your concern,but in which
Islamic Countries,did these Traditional Islamic Scholars implemented such strict law in which a man beats a women?

Are you talking about Afghanistan or any other country?

Yes muslims are also to be blamed for such kind of negative image that they have brought to Islam.

I understand why people in the West are protesting on the streets against Islamic Extremism,because they have seen what Taliban did in North Western areas of Pakistan recently. This taliban crap is nothing but a political drama staged by the Western Political powers. The general public in the West has very poor knowledge about outside world and this is why their media takes full advantage of it to pollute their minds with such issues.

Yes it is true that Islamic Scholars and Ulemas who are in the politics of Pakistan must have played a vital role to protect Islam and to come out on the streets and protested against these barbaric actions of Taliban ,but they unfortunately only care about their seats and position. I am pretty sure if Musharaf Pervaiz must have done what these talibans have done,then all these Ulemas in the Political parties would have been screaming against him.

Muslims must take the following steps:
1)Start removing the misconceptions about Islam through media and counter attack such media propoganda against Islam. Launch different Islamic Channels which should be funded by all the Islamic Organizations working around the world.
Even if the Islamic Organizations in US ,like ICNA(Islamic Circle of North America) and Muslim communities start taking money as donations ,they can inshallah collect handsome amount.

This way you will be able to neutralize
the views of the Western people about Islam .

HKhan,the biggest problem is that Western People donot have an option.
They simply know the Islam that their Media propogates.

I am pretty sure that if such a great team of Al-Mawrid Institute starts collecting money for the establishment of Islamic Channels,then it can have positive effect.

I hope you understand my concern.

Posted - Sunday, August 9, 2009  -  11:04 PM Reply with quote
Assalamoeleikumwarahmatullah e wabarakatuhu

No I don't agree that Muslims should come out on the streets as a response. They should concentrate on educational efforts. Learn and spread the knowledge about their Deen and may be other Deens also. Even the leaders sitting in the Parliaments and Politics must support the educational projects like these.

And what about the poor people of the countries like Nigeria. They have no time from full filling their basic needs of life. Let alone learning Deen.The so called political leaders have to full fill their basic necessities of life first to give them some relief in order to get educated.

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