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Topic initiated on Sunday, December 7, 2003  -  11:25 AM Reply with quote
problem getting to courses registered for

<b>Text</b>AsSalam Alaikum ,Thank you for such a great site . may allah reward you and all the people of this site and may allah make your lives happy and guide us all closer to him.ameen.i am new to this site and have registered for two courses.this one and another and I have been trying to go to my registered courses but I have not been able to get to them.I really want to study more and learn more insha-allah. I hope you can help me so i can start my course.shukran for your wonderful site.masha-allah.
salam alaikum.
Tariq Hashmi

Posted - Wednesday, December 10, 2003  -  4:02 PM Reply with quote
wa alaik assalaam
Thank you for forwarding heartening remarks and prayers. From you mail i could not understand the nature of the difficulties you are facing. Please check whether you have received the confirmation mail regarding the registeration in the courses you have applied for. The course interpreting the Qur'an can only be started after completing the five other courses on the Qur'an. This restriction is due to the fact that it is extememly difficutl to grasp the topics discussed without being acquainted with the other topics covered in the courses. You can choose any other if you wish to. The best way would be to take one at a time. I would also like you to check that your system is equipped with the required wares as explained in the study procedure on the main page. (http://studying-islam.org/Lms_proc.asp)
Please email me once the problem is identified.

Posted - Tuesday, August 31, 2004  -  1:57 AM Reply with quote
in the name of Allaah the Rehmaan the Raheem:
assalamu alaiykum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhoo:
i have registered for the course interpreting the quraan and it has many pre requisttes ma sha allaah do i need to register for each pre requisitte seperately or wil i b able to acces them without geting registered as i have already recieved the approval for the main course i really wan to start early wit the course i hav been hunting for! ma sha allaah i wan to start early plzz

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