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Topic initiated on Saturday, June 6, 2009  -  11:57 AM Reply with quote
Passenger arrives early, misses flight that crashe

A 39-year-old man from Germany who was booked on Air France Flight 447, which crashed into the Atlantic, was given a seat on an earlier flight to Paris when he arrived early at Rio de Janeiro airport.

Emin Hasic, from the north German town of Barssel, said on Friday he got to Rio airport well ahead of Flight 447's Sunday evening departure even though he had a problem finding the right terminal.

Hasic, reached by Reuters on the telephone, confirmed the details of his story that appeared in German media on Friday. But, sounding shaken, said he did not want to elaborate.

"I'll never forget how the woman at the counter took my luggage and said it was no problem at all (to fly early)," Hasic was quoted telling the Ostfriesen Zeitung newspaper.

"I've flown 15 times in my life before but was never offered an earlier flight like that," said the physical therapist, who had been in Brazil attending a conference.

Hasic found out about the crash on May 31, in which 228 people are believed to have died, after returning to Germany on Monday afternoon. He heard a news bulletin on the radio in a car while driving home from Bremen airport.

"I was in a state of shock and felt a great emptiness inside me," Hasic told the Nordwest-Zeitung newspaper's online edition.

Bild newspaper printed a picture of a sombre-looking Hasic holding the original ticket in his hands.



Posted - Saturday, June 6, 2009  -  11:23 PM Reply with quote
Such miracles do come to light continuously to strengthen our belief in God Almighty and to alarm those who claim to be Athiests that such happenings are not mere coincidence.

our days are numbered and only the one above our creator has the knowledge about it.

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