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Topic initiated on Tuesday, April 7, 2009  -  7:23 AM Reply with quote

looking at the news of the recent e.quake in italy, again takes us back to all such disasters. as usual it was in the middle or last part of the night and after watching again a peice from harun yahya's documentary about 'the earth and the round the clock dangers it is exposed to', including meteroids flying freely & wildly around the earth in the space';
while going to bed last nite i thought that it should be so natural to remember God and ask for his protection(a'fia' ) night and day-who knows whether we will even see the next morning.
such on going reminders remain around us all the time as signs of God...if only we pay heed. inna lillah..

Posted - Friday, April 17, 2009  -  8:37 AM Reply with quote
You are right. We doesn't even know that we are going to take next breath or not. I wish Allah give us enough time for toba. ameen

Posted - Friday, April 17, 2009  -  11:57 AM Reply with quote
as we were away on a short break in a mountaneous area, one cannot escape from the imaginations of the giant mountains breaking into pieces, whether with an e.quake of a temporary origin or that of the final Day.
(my daughter just told me that there has been another e.quake in afghanistan of a moderate origin and 22 people dead so far- inna lillah... ) every moment just tells us how precious it is and how lucky we are to have it- to do something worth His pleasure-

Posted - Friday, April 17, 2009  -  12:29 PM Reply with quote
recvd from an unknown sender:
Fwd:If the dead were to talk they would say...
"If the dead were to talk they would say: 'They carried me on the heavy sad coffin, Days passed by after my burial as if it was years. No neighbours for me except the soil, Alone, I'm alone, with me little preparation, Sorrow and Tears. I left what was for me, For to whom will money belong now? I cannot return to my family anymore, My family laughs and I am alone in MY GRAVE. They buried me and forgot about me, They deserted loving me, Woe to the loving heart. So much I was buried in loving life and now hostage to my sins. I wasted from my life years and years they are wasting too. People will not get Paradise while being lazy and asleep, For Paradise is for the Sincere Believers. Tomorrow will be your day, Death is near, Repent to Allah, and prepare for After Death. When will you wake up? Our death came, You soon will die, Repent to Allah, Prepare for the Grave.' (Abdullah)

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