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Topic initiated on Saturday, March 14, 2009  -  12:26 AM Reply with quote
Pearl.Colours of Islam.

No matter what comes in their way,
these colours have to spread;
Like the most beautiful 'Holi'you can ever imagine...

And every human being has a right to wear these colours;
from every class, creed and race.

Posted - Sunday, March 15, 2009  -  11:14 PM Reply with quote
I was watching a small video on tv about Ashab-e-kahf today , and the man preaching a small group of followers was saying things which touched my heart , so am writing down for future rememberance

1. A man asked the preacher (i think it was one of the ashab-e kahf), would we all be equal in heaven?
and he answered ," It is like a small brother starts crying that he wants to wear the clothes of his elder brother, and even if he is given the elder brother's clothes , he would want his own clothes back because only they fit him.
In heaven every one will have a place according to his own deeds and each will be content with the place they have.the ones who had done more good will definitely have a better reward but every one will be happy with what they have.

2.Another man asked what can I do that God will accept my prayers
and he answered ,"a body fed on haraam rizq doesnt get its prayers answered . so halaal rizq is a must for us to have our prayers accepted".

3.One asked how will we all come back to life after death?
and he replied , "after every autumn new leaves come out from the same place where old ones had fallen off , similarly we will be made to rise again ....Allah has qudrat over everything."

4.If your brother does something bad to you , do not answer back by doing bad to him because that is one of the worst animal traits one could have.

5.Allah's promise is true ,it is fulfilled in time He seems appropriate ,we just have to do the work assigned to us , we may or may not live to see when it is fulfilled .But we have to have faith that He is The Best in keeping His promises.

maintain the ties of kinship , because Allah does not like one who breaks relationships with his family.
doing good to family and taking care of relatives is one thing that brings abundance in ones rizq.

Posted - Monday, March 16, 2009  -  7:11 PM Reply with quote
great to hear from u henna- as it is- my twin(dr henna:) atleast people can't complaint about doctors not having time now...and am glad to have our younger co's- so wen we aren't there anymore- messages carry on;
wat inspired me to the lines(colours of islam) i said above was the celebration of the comic relief/red nose day last friday and i felt , really islam has such vast space within it to absorb any good anywhere- u just wear something decent and red- and be a part of that fundraising-to help the humanity-His creation;
(got ur mesge 'n will call tonite insh'Allah-u had sent the txt to my landline by mistake-so didn't come to my cell)


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