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Topic initiated on Sunday, November 30, 2003  -  12:02 PM Reply with quote
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Posted - Wednesday, December 3, 2003  -  9:20 PM Reply with quote
Yes, interesting website, useful information. I checked it out. Thank you!

Posted - Thursday, December 4, 2003  -  12:25 AM Reply with quote
Yes, interesting site, but.... What about this part?

****Peaceful relations and mutual respect among us can only be achieved through strength.... We cannot afford peace and reconciliation with the Ahl al Kitab until we can humble them and gain the upper hand . ****

What is meant by "gain the upper hand"? Does that mean that Christians and Jews must be under subjection to Muslim rule before reconciliation and peace can take place???

Posted - Thursday, December 4, 2003  -  12:51 AM Reply with quote

following may help in this regard

b. Struggle for Islamic Supremacy
It is held by some Muslim scholars of contemporary times that it is the religious obligation of Muslims to strive for the supremacy of Islam. If a Muslim country is not following Islam, Muslims must organize an effort to topple its rulers and enforce Islam. An obvious corollary of this view point is that if they are living as minorities in some non-Muslim country, here also they should strive to achieve the supremacy of Islam. They term this struggle an ‘Islamic Revolution’ and present the following verse in support of this view:28

It is He Who has sent his Rasul with Guidance and the Religion of Truth that he may proclaim it over all religions, even though the Idolaters may detest [this]. (61:9)

On the basis of the phrase ‘all religions’, it is understood that the followers of Islam must struggle for its dominance in their respective countries and territories.
An analysis of the context of this verse shows that it also belongs to the class of directives that relate to the Prophet Muhammad (sws) and his Companions (rta). It is to be noted that al-Mushrikin (the Idolaters) is used in this verse. The Qur’an uses this word specifically for the Idolaters of Arabia of the Prophet’s times. As a result, ‘all the religions’ in the conjugate clause can only mean all the religions of Arabia at that time.29 Therefore, the verse has no bearing on Muslims after the times of the Prophet Muhammad (sws).
It has already been shown in an earlier section that the Companions (rta) of Muhammad (sws) were promised sovereignty in the land of Arabia after the Idolaters of Arabia had knowingly denied the message of Muhammad (sws).

God has promised, to those among you who professed belief and did righteous deeds that He will, of a surety grant them political authority in this land as He granted it to those before them; that he will establish their religion – the one which He has chosen for them. (24:55)

Consequently, striving to achieve the political supremacy of Islam is no religious obligation of a Muslim. The verses from which this obligation has been construed specifically relate to Muhammad and his Companions (rta).30

(from www.monthly-renaissance.com,
Special Article
Islam and Non-Muslims: A New Perspective
IV Behavior of Muslim Minorities: Some Misconceptions
Shehzad Saleem )



Posted - Thursday, December 4, 2003  -  10:16 PM Reply with quote
Ahhhhh, thank you very much for your insight. That helps. :-)

Posted - Sunday, December 14, 2003  -  1:28 AM Reply with quote

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