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Topic initiated on Thursday, January 29, 2009  -  9:43 PM Reply with quote
Qur'anic verses used in Busta Rhymes song

Salam to all

I just discovered that busta rhymes released a rap song using Allah Subhana-tala's name and sacred words, alongside the usual filth he normally has in his music video's. Yes, i had a glimpse of the video which can still be found on some sites and my mouth was just left gaping open. Just google 'Busta Rhymes, Arab Money video' if you want to see for yourselves.

Here's a Quote from a care2/petition:

"The new single “Arab Money” by Busta Rhymes has the first few verses of the Holy Quran in it.

The Holy Quran is viewed as the word of God, by Muslims, and to put it in a rap song is absolutely inappropriate and unacceptable.

Muslim or non-Muslim, this is unethical. It should not be allowed to slip by so easily.

Muslims do not recite the Holy Quran in bathrooms, nor would they ever recite it in a night club, these places are looked at as sinful and dirty. They hold the Holy Quran in high esteem. Even though nothing disrespectful was said about these verses, still the places that these verses will be played are dirty and unholy."

End Quote

I am outraged but more so hurt, that such an idiotic man could even get that far to have such a video made.

This hit me deeply, so i thought i'd mention it to all who treasure our Lord, His name and His words.

I think we should voice our views and support any petitions against this song, eventhough some action has already been taken.

Here is one from which i took the quote from:


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