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Topic initiated on Monday, January 19, 2009  -  11:31 AM Reply with quote
Al Qayeda

Before Sept 11, 2001, you could hardly find a mention of AlQaeda in the US Media. But, immediately after the dramatic attacks both the electronic and print Media began to speak of this hitherto almost unknown entity with such deep knowledge and understanding as if their reporters had been tracking and covering it for years! A classic example of this publicity was the “Special Report” in Time, Nov 12, 2001, that was spread over more than two-thirds of the magazine, whose blazing cover title was, “INSIDE THE AL-QAEDA Bin Laden’s Web of Terror.”

The report was mum on how AlQaeda had so smoothly overcome all the insurmountable odds and so utterly disabled the US national security agencies and authorities, and had hijacked four American airliners and smashed three of them into most high profile buildings in broad daylight! It gave no explanation how Time had gathered such encyclopedic knowledge of AlQaeda so soon after 9/11? The report was silent on many publicly known facts. It hid the fact that it was CIA that had picked up Osama and initiated him (through the Saudi Intelligence) into the anti-Soviet Afghan Jihad.

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