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Topic initiated on Saturday, November 22, 2003  -  5:19 AM Reply with quote
Fasting For Non-Muslims

Hi All-
I was reading an article on Islamicity.com concerning fasting ("Ramadan and Fastidious Fasts"). If you have read my posts before...I have not yet taken my declaration of faith, but am well on my way. I am fasting for this Ramazan (1st time). The article talks about how fasting is not mandatory for non-Muslims. That part I understand. Then the author proceeds to say that any fasting done by non-Mualims, during done Ramzan or otherwise, is not accepted by Allah. Is this true? I have included a link where you can read the article.


Thanks in advance!!

Posted - Saturday, November 22, 2003  -  3:25 PM Reply with quote
Assalaamu Alaikum.

Please donot go by this understanding. Go ahead and fast. The One up there is as much your God as anyone else's. Your intent must be to gain closeness to Allah and your aim, the attainment of truth. Insha'Allah, you will find Him your friend.

We all encourage and support you towards a "shahadah" fo full conviction. Ameen.

Allah Hafiz.


Posted - Saturday, November 22, 2003  -  11:41 PM Reply with quote

we hv had national fasting day here on 6th nov'03 orgnized by islamic society of britain and nonmuslims were invited to join in as well
i did send query re: this to scholars on query @ studying islam to b sure about the status of this fast and they replied that it was ok,
i'll see if i've the reply saved, will post it for details

and best wishes for u as from sr. sadia



Posted - Sunday, November 23, 2003  -  1:52 PM Reply with quote
I really appreciate both of your replies. After reading that I really felt bad. I couldn't understand why Allah would not accept my fast...almost like a feeling of not being good enough. This Rmazan has truly made me feel closer to Allah and have such a tender heart. I have made it thru all the rozas so far. Insha allah I will finish and celebrate Eid along with friends.

Posted - Monday, November 24, 2003  -  11:00 AM Reply with quote
Dear Mulaz and Daniel

It's great to know you through this forum and wonderful to learn about your respective journeys to Islam.

I pray for the best for you. May God give us all the sight and the strength to walk His path.

Lots of love,


Posted - Wednesday, November 26, 2003  -  4:12 PM Reply with quote
assalamoalaykum sr ayesha
its indeed great pleasure to hear from u
we were actually missing u and our other forum mates like aminahstar and amby who hvn't appeared for a while, and i was about to ask about u all

or may b u all r busy in other forums i.e.courses
and then ofcourse other commitments we all hv alhamdolillah

however do keep coming in
its always a pleasure to hear from all of forum mates



Posted - Wednesday, November 26, 2003  -  4:30 PM Reply with quote
although our dear ramadan has visited and gone (may we not b just "abdul ramadan" or "amatul ramadan" i.e. practicing Allah's and the beloved's(sws) guidance just during ramadan)
but u may hv come to know from ur friends that we can fast off and on during the year and on certain occasions
the following may help in this regard for future insha'Allah
may the light of faith which has shone in ur heart get brighter by days and by nights to such an extent as to finally enlighten ur whole environment wherever u go and live
as Allah has decided already to complete His noor/light

Subj: query
Date: 30/10/03 04:57:01 GMT Standard Time
From: tariqhaashmi@hotmail.com
To: HKhan135@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

From: HKhan135@aol.com

To: query@Renaissance.com.pk ; query@studying-islam.org

Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2003 12:01 PM

Subject: status of fast by nonmuslims in Ramadan

assalamo alaykum

as i mentioned on stislam site about iaw(islam awareness week) in uk , next week insha'Allah,
we had a meeting with our hosp. chaplain yesterday who agreed to allow us to put up a stall in the hosp to propagate awareness to islam
that includes encouraging nonmuslims as well to join in fasting on 6th nov and our del.suite mangr m/w had already asked me last month that she wud like to fast with us(she is a christian by faith)

however few of our muslim brs and srs have raised this query in this regard that what would b the status of this fast as they wud obviously not hv the intention reqd and that they r not muslims anyway

i personnally feel that it is just a way to convey and share the mesge and bring them closer to the Truth

but opinion coming from scholars wud ofcourse be the final and authentic insha'Allah

pls spare some time and reply kindly

many thanx/jazak'Allah

may Allah bless for time and efforts

thankful regards


I believe that your stance in this regard is justified. Actually this is the basic reason you are out for. Shari`ah has not expressed any clear directive in this regards but the spirit of the religion and the dictates of common sense demand that such an activity should always be encouraged. We hope that this fasting by a non-Muslim proves his first solid step to the religion of truth and may become his most reward-yielding act of life. However, if some scholars of the locality do not approve of this activity and oppose this (which I do not think is the case) then it may be abandoned to avoid dispute that may place the desired benefit.

I pray to the Almighty that he blesses you with his help and grants you success in your efforts.

Tariq Mahmood Hashmi

Research Assistant


Posted - Thursday, November 27, 2003  -  3:17 PM Reply with quote
Thank you. This has made my heartfeel much better. I was so dissapointed when I read that article on Islamicity. I knew that Allah knew what my heart was when I was fasting. I have to admit...it has been strange to wake up the past few days and have coffee in the morning. :) But, I now realize that even that coffee in the morning is a blessing from Allah!

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