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Topic initiated on Friday, October 3, 2008  -  11:07 PM Reply with quote
Finality of Prophet Muhammad?


I want some help from those muslims who believe there is no prophet after Muhammad.

Firstly,i quoted this posts

1. I cannot quote any Mufassir but I can quote an important Hadith in which the prophet himself said about his son Ibraheem (who died). He said. If he had lived he would have surely been a siddique prophet. (the exact words I have I will have to check up)

2. Hazrat Aisha r.a. said, "O, people, Say that he (prophet) is Khatam an Nabiyyeen. And do not say there is no prophet after him"

3. Every well known scholar agreed that our prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. is the last prophet in the sense that no law bearing prophet will come after him to replace his law. In that sense, they believed that he is the last law bearing prophet. (Shah Waliullah Dehlavi included in those scholars and also Shaikh Akbar Moheyuddin Undlusi also, and Imam Mulla Ali Qari Hanafi).
4. It is agreed that Hazrat Muhammad is the last law bearing prophet ( Shariyat walla Nabi).
5. There is a Hadith too which goes like this:

The prophet s.a.w.s. said " If Musa and Isa were living today, they would have no excuse except to follow in my footsteps." Meaning they would have to follow my Shariyat.
(Tafseer ibne Katheer Urdu vol 1, p85, )
(Tafseer ibne katheer on footnote of Tafseer fatah al Bayan.)
( Al Yawaqeet wa Al Jawaher by Imam Abdul Wahhab al Sh'irani vol 2 page 20)

Later I would check up the names of all those who gave opinion that now only law bearing prophet is forbidden.

Now in the end, I remember that Imam of Hadith, Imam Tirmidhi said, " People say Muhammad is the last prophet... That is the idea of the foolish (Jahil) people... That is not a good meaning of the khatam an nabiyeen...."

Brothers and Sisters i need some scholarly response from you to above post.

Thank youText

Posted - Saturday, October 4, 2008  -  4:08 AM Reply with quote
Muhammad is the last prophet not the last messenger. Open and read the Quran, you will surely find the proof.

Posted - Saturday, October 4, 2008  -  6:16 AM Reply with quote
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Posted - Monday, October 6, 2008  -  5:50 AM Reply with quote

Muhammad is the last prophet not the last messenger.
Do you know that only a Prophet is made a messenger i.e. Prophethood is the basic requirement for a messenger. [see19: 51& 54]
So, if it's announced that Prophet Muhammad pbuh was the Last Prophet of God, it's obvious that he was the Last Messenger as well.

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