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Posted - Monday, October 16, 2006  -  6:04 AM Reply with quote
if one follows the things suggested(e.g.shab e qadr,tahajjud etc) to do durig ramadan ,the sleeping hour or sleeping orders must be disturbed.

But all these are to train ourselves for the entire coming year.

If you start from tahajjud to sahri then namaz fajr and if more eager then till ishraque.It reduces minm 2 hrs from normal days sleeping.

this reduction matters only to those who go to offices ,business and other necessary jobs.And dont have time to cover this.

those who dont compensate this 2hrs by sleeping till zuhr.

Posted - Wednesday, October 18, 2006  -  7:37 PM Reply with quote
can someone tell me where i can find the hadiths quotes regarding ithekaaf, i know its a sunnah practice but can someone point me to a authentic hadiths quoting this, thanks, its just someone asked for it.

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