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Topic initiated on Monday, July 14, 2008  -  1:38 PM Reply with quote
Future of Pakistan

Please read this article and find out
how bright the future of Pakistan is
Economically the country is already vulnerable and the issues of terrorists is still there.
Now Another issue is rising in Pakistan.

I want to ask the illiterate people of this country ,what have bhutto and Nawaz Sharif given you guys instead of dreams and speech?

The sex industry in the country is rising and this is mostly happening because of poverty which is increasing in the country and poverty is linked with unemployment and inflation.

The prices of food items and unemployment is increasing and poor people are not able to aford anything which is causing poverty to increase.
And offcourse poor widows who are illiterate will be doing something to feed themselves and there children and they can even take the wrong track.

Load shedding is another issue in the country.

Now my question goes to all those narrow minded ,selfish and lack of patriotic pakistanis who support Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif that what have they done for the future of Pakistan?

Do you guys know what percentage of budget in the country is spent on education?

Does our nation have any knowledge about civil sense and on the other hand the new generation is dreaming about going to USA, Canada and UK.

Is this what you call a bright future of Pakistan.

Posted - Monday, July 14, 2008  -  1:43 PM Reply with quote
In Pakistan we donot have any restriction on the usage of games and TV channels.

A kid can play any game not knowing whether the game has any ratings or not.

In USA and Canada, they have ratings for the games. Not all children can play all games. There is an age restriction on all the games there because of the level of violance and sexual content in it

Same is the case on internet usage.

But unfortunately in Pakistan, there is no rating and no restriction on internet usage.

I even sometimes wonder when will our nation know the difference between right and wrong

Posted - Friday, August 8, 2008  -  9:15 AM Reply with quote
After 61 years, such a condition of Pakistan is a solid proof of your statement, student 1. On contrary, India is one day younger than Pakistan.

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