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Topic initiated on Saturday, July 12, 2008  -  8:29 PM Reply with quote
help-arabic language re:rodents

if anyone can help this sister, plz reply on the forum or send to us on
cc to: hkhan135@aol.com

Dear Dr. Khan,

Aasalaamu Aleikum.

I spoke to you over the phone about Arabic. Essentially, I am doing some research which needs some Arabic interpretation and translation. Actually, there are two things I am involved with which need Arabic translations. One is the history of the Syrian hamster in Syria, and the other is some esoteric research which needs the words/phrases to be translated into all of Arabic, Hindi, Sanskrit, Greek, Hebrew and Latin. I have everything but the Arabic.

Let's deal with the hamster research first. I am an animal behaviour scientist and rodents are my speciality. Syrian hamsters were dug up in Syria in around 1931 by a Hebrew Zoologist. At that time Syria and Israel had diplomatic relations. The Syrian name for hamster was "Father of Saddlebags". I have done some research and below is what I have come up with:


Arabic: حيوان قارض يُشْبِه الجِرْذ


الاسم) الهمستر حيوان من القوارض شبيه بالجرذ‏ )

I hope I have copied and pasted this correctly. My PC is not used to writing from right to left! Please can you let me know what this says and how to pronounce it? What I will need is the translation into English as well as the phonetics in English characters.

Apparently, according to my research, another name for the Syrian hamster was "Little Mischief".
Dr. Khan, how would that be written in Arabic and how would it be pronounced?

The second part is the esoteric stuff. How would the following be written in Arabic and pronounced?:

1. Little soul
2. Golden soul
3. Silver soul
4. Little golden soul
5. Little silver soul
6. Little one
7. Precious soul/Precious one
8. Precious little soul.
9. Peaceful

Whilst I realise that it might not make sense, once it is in context, it might.

I hope that this is not too much of an imposition.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ma'a Salaama,


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