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Topic initiated on Tuesday, July 8, 2008  -  2:00 PM Reply with quote
convey or not

hv been recving some interesting emails last week. thought i must share with you all

A Good Idea is Best Shared

"Pls see n judge yourself."


Friend 1

RE: "My views are as follows to this so called fanatic missionaries,

If any one of us feel that they are doing anything wrong in spreading their beliefs and the word of a god we share, then I believe that we are the worst hippo crates ( which we are)

We through teaching of our religion are asked to spread our precious religion and we all know that majority of this e-mail receivers are happy to be involved or are involved in spreading the word of our religion in a predominant christian tolerant land. So why we are not happy to give equal opertunity to the other party in the playing field. If any one converts religion, who are we to judge, we have our God to decide our fate


PS if we cannot tolerate, should they?

Also unfortunately the word fanatics might be loosely associated to believers of any religion who wants to follow their own interpreted understanding of the religious teaching to the last letter"

Friend 2

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