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Topic initiated on Wednesday, June 25, 2008  -  5:44 AM Reply with quote
Summer Program for the Teenagers

The Education Department of Al-Mawrid is conducting a series of lectures for the teenagers according to the following schedule.

All lectures shall be held in Al-Mawrid's library auditorium at 51- K Model Town.

The lectures shall be of 90 minutes each, from 5:00 to 6:30 pm.

Parents are also welcome.

1) 25-Jun-08 on Why Religion? by Dr. Khalid Zaheer
2) 27-Jun-08 on Islam and Intellect by Sajid Hameed
3) 30-Jun-08 on Jihad and Terrorism by Asif Iftikhar
4) 2-Jul-08 on Islam and Entertainment by Kaukab Shehzad
5) 4-Jul-08 on Muslim, Non-Muslim Relationship by Shehzad Saleem
6) 7-Jul-08 on Islam & Fine Arts; Music, Painting etc. by Shehzad Saleem
7) 9-Jul-08 on Why Prophets? by Dr. Khalid Zaheer
8) 11-Jul-08 on Why God? by Dr. Khalid Zaheer
9) 14-Jul-08 on Why Hereafter? by Kaukab Shehzad
10) 16-Jul-08 on Islamic Family (1) by Dr. Munir Ahmad
11) 18-Jul-08 on Male - Female Interaction by Kaukab Shehzad
12) 21-Jul-08 on Islamic Family (2) by Shehzad Saleem
13) 23-Jul-08 on Morality by Kaukab Shehzad
14) 25-Jul-08 on Ibadat: Salat & Zakat by Sajid Hameed
15) 28-Jul-08 on Ibadat: Fasting & Hajj by Sajid Hameed
16) 30-Jul-08 on People of The Book; Brief History by Abdul Sattar Ghauri
17) 1-Aug-08 on Da'wah: Call Toward Islam by Dr. Munir Ahmad
18) 4-Aug-08 on Islamic Family (3) by Asif Iftikhar
19) 6-Aug-08 on EDUCATION; SECULAR Or RELIGIOUS? by Asif Iftikhar
20) 8-Aug-08 on Blasphemy : Cartoons Etc. by Sajid Hameed

Education Department

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