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Topic initiated on Saturday, April 19, 2008  -  9:18 PM Reply with quote

What steps can you take if one is possessed by jin via black magic? How can you protect yourself?

Posted - Saturday, April 19, 2008  -  11:44 PM Reply with quote
hmm..we shall try 'n make a course on it soon 'Understanding Jinns'

sorry K; did'nt mean to tease you. you may be asking for a serious problem. let's wait for some other posts/replies from experts in this matter and we'll come in again if required.

btw welcome to SI forums

Posted - Tuesday, April 22, 2008  -  5:38 AM Reply with quote
Question: Hello I'm trying two find out what the powers of jinns are and how two get rid of them when someone is possessed with one thank you

Answer: There is no disputing the fact that a species called Jinn exists. The Holy Qur'an tells us that Allah has created both man and Jinn for the sole purpose of worshipping the Lord (Qur'an, 51:56). This implies that the species in question exists and perhaps has been put through the same test of life as humans are. This is why there will be good Jinn as well as bad ones.
We have not been given detailed descriptions by the Almighty of the powers and characteristics of the Jinn folk. We however know from the Holy Qur'an that they are invisible to human eye while they can watch us and listen to our conversation (Qur'an, 72:1). We also know from the Holy Qur'an that the bad among them tempt men of faith to follow what is evil. The Book of Allah describes their tactics in words, "whispering in the hearts of men" (Qur'an, 114:5). They can only tempt us to do evil. They have been given no other powers. Their temptations or whispers may produce some psychological effects on their victim but they can never harm him psychically by themselves. Allah made it patently clear to Shaytan (Satan) that he would have no power over humans except for those who would volunteer to carry out his evil schemes. The Holy Qur'an reads:
Lo! As for my slaves, you have no power over any of them except for such of the deceived who follow you. (Al Hijr 15:42)
Therefore, we should always seek refuge in Allah whenever we sense evil influences. We should not dwell on the evil thoughts that are poured into our minds. They only get harmed who pay heed to the alluring talk of Shaytan (Satan) and, after him, his accomplices from among humans and Jinn. The best way to get rid of evil influences is to seek refuge in Allah. We should seek His shelter since He is our strongest and most reliable refuge. We should pray to Him and invoke His mercy. The last two Surahs of the Holy Qur'an have especially been revealed to educate man how to protect himself and his faith from the onslaughts of Satan. We must recite them keeping their meanings and implications in our mind. Both these Surahs actually teach us that we are so vulnerable without the One who created us. The most befitting attitude for us—humans—is to surrender before our Creator and seek his refuge—the only safe-haven where we can remain sheltered and protected for good.

Jhangeer Hanif
January 20, 2004

Source: http://www.understanding-islam.com/related/text.asp?type=question&;qid=2742

Posted - Tuesday, April 22, 2008  -  5:44 AM Reply with quote

1- what is the concept of jinnat in our lives?
2- what should one do if somebody has done something upon him/her?
3- should i go for any removal of this magic(jadoo)?

Answer: Following are the replies to your specific questions:
1- Jinn are a race of incorporeal (to us) beings that live in another dimension on our plane of existence. They have free will and are much like humans in that sense. They are known to have some supernatural powers in our world but make little contact with us. The fact that they are spirit-like it would be hard to fathom why they would need our food to eat.
2- We should always seek God's protection and do all we can to be righteous. Also, there are two surahs in the Qur'an called Al Falaq (The Dawn) and Al Nass (The Mortals) that directly relate to seeking refuge and security with God. The strong faith that you seem to have should insha'Allah assist in guarding you against people's evil ways.
3- There seems to be no magic or anything of the sort in this situation. If you keep to God's way you will be protected by His will.
I hope I have clarified the issue.
God knows best.

Ronnie Hassan
February 7, 2007

Source: http://www.understanding-islam.com/related/text.asp?type=question&;qid=3541

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