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Topic initiated on Tuesday, March 11, 2008  -  8:50 AM Reply with quote
Bomb Blast in LHR; very near to us

As Salam u Alaikum
You may have heard about 2days TWO bomb blasts in Lahore. One of them was in Model Town & in fact was not FAR from Us. Many among us heard its voice & the windows also showed the effects of shock wave. But al-Hamd u Lillah we All are safe & sound here in our office. May Allah Brought back the PEACE in Pakistan with the new Elected Govt. Amin
Plz Keep praying for us. Thanks

Posted - Thursday, March 13, 2008  -  12:41 AM Reply with quote
Alhamdulillah Br.Ibrahim that you all are safe.

Please accept our prayers and heartiest condolences for the ones who lost their lives. Lots of prayers for the patience of the families who lost their loved ones, specially for the mothers who lost their children.,(inna lillah e wa inna ileh e rajeoon-we all belong to Allah and we will return to Him) It is terribly heart breaking to see the images of the moaning families on TV. Our sister site www.serving-humanity.org is trying to help them in money and matter. You may contact them or other local agencies working for same.

We also request our Pakistani TV channels as we have been doing in the past to kindly use their time for educational programmes for the public instead of the growing number of shows which are presenting men and women intermingling in unhealthy and immodest environment, not even properly dressed-dancing and playing games together in the name of 'entertainment'- presenting half nude actresses announcing that they start their days with prayers(namaz)??and advising people to respect them because they are working hard and all this fame is because of Allah's blessings upon them! What life style and values is our media trying to present or teach to our young people?

We participate in local interfaith meetings here and listen to the sorrow and regrets of the representatives of various faiths about the consequences of nudidity and immorality they are facing today in the West. We ought to learn from others' mistakes.

It is high time we recognize our values and limits and ask Allah to forgive us and let us help come out of these difficult times with patience and honour whilst utilizing the opportunities in the most right way.Amen.

Posted - Thursday, March 13, 2008  -  1:25 AM Reply with quote
Safety Measures for Al-Mawrid Institute of Islamic Science

Safety Measures:
1) Make sure that you have a registered parking for bikes and cars outside of this Institute and strangers are not allowed to park their cars and bikes?
2)Their should be a security guard checking the parked cars or bikes regularly.
3)Make sure that you have a high power security camera installed in your Institute with a computer inside the room, so that you can monitor the movement of people outside the Institute.
4)Only those personalities should be allowed to enter the Institute that called the reception and took appointment.

These are some of the measures that I think this Institute should take and than leave the rest on Allah.

Posted - Thursday, March 13, 2008  -  11:07 AM Reply with quote
Thanks a lot dear for your suggesions. In some way or the other we are already using these Safety Measures and we believe that only Allah can save us all. So plz keep praying for us as well. Jazakallah

Posted - Friday, March 14, 2008  -  12:59 AM Reply with quote
Dear brother Ibrahim,

I am happy to know that you are already using these security measures and it is no doubt true that the security and protection of all creatures is in hands of Al-Mighty but please remember that still its a sensible approach to take action.

It reminds me of one of the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) when a companion visited Prophet Muhammad(pbuh),he asked him about how he arrived?
The companion replied "he came on a camel?"
Prophet(pbuh) asked "Has he tied up the camel"?
He replied "no but I left that camel under Allahs protection".
Prophet(pbuh) replied "no 1st go and tie that camel with a tree and then leave it under Allahs protection".

I am sorry I donot remember the reference of this hadith thats why I am quoting it in my own words.

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