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Topic initiated on Thursday, January 3, 2008  -  2:25 PM Reply with quote
Gift for childless couple

Gift for childless couple

my sweet brothers and sisters
ALLAH bless you all.

in fact when I got married, my wife soon began to worry about first child as here in Pakistan everybody pinch married girl by silly questions when she will get pregnant. these kind of interrogation some time make the newly couple under great stress and they resort to clinics at earliest, whether willingly or un-willingly. we also suffered the same trauma for five years . During these years we tried every doctor ,conducted every test and tried every possible method to get our first baby but all went in vain. But one night during our walk my wife met a woman who revealed her personal story about her first child ( who was born after a long period of her marriage , in miraculous way as she was discouraged by doctors) . She told my wife to do a particular daily devotion for pregnancy which has 100% success record (with grace of ALLAH).
My wife began doing that and with in a month our life was changed as my wife got pregnant by grace of ALLAH.

what you have to do is to read the Surah Maryam( surah#19) daily, in sequence ( the whole surah or 1 ruku daily or less than a ruku ) with translation ( to understand it).then recite the surah Fatiha ,take some quantity of water or sugar or bread or any eatable thing you like and puff over it what you have recited from the Quran( suran Maryam) and then both partners husband and wife eat/drink the (Dum wala) water/sugar/eatable thing it is must for both partners to offer 5 times daily prayers and to read the Quran with translation as to understand the powers of ALLAH who has bestowed Hazrat Maryam( may ALLAH pleased with her) with a beautiful Baby, despite the fact that no man even touched Maryam( may ALLAH pleased with her). it should be understood that no reason, no bad semen test, no affected womb can stop pregnancy if ALLAH want to give you the baby.I swear in the name of ALLAH that women without womb ( as womb was surgically removed from their body) have also been pregnant and they gave birth to healthy child which show that all happen if ALLAH want to.

Surah Ya-Sin ( Surah 36 ) Ayah # 82

Verily when He intends a thing His command is "Be" and it is
Continue this routine until baby is born

important note ; those couples who cannot read Quran due to illereracy or blindness can listen to audio of surah Maryam with translation and after listening they should recite surah Fatiha and then puff over water or sugar or any eatable thing and then they should eat/drink it.
for deaf and dumb , someone can recite( on their behalf) the surah Muryam and Surah Fatiha and puff over the eatable thing which will be then the said persons eat/drink

Please forward this message as much as you can to get someone prayers for yourself

Posted - Friday, March 14, 2008  -  11:00 PM Reply with quote
no doubt prayer is the believer's weapon however only reservation i have with the mesgs like above is that such promote a misplaced concept about Qur'an amongst common muslim. Qur'an is a book to be read and understood in order to follow it's message in practical life. whereas messages like above can present it as a mere source of gaining some material one is longing for.

Posted - Saturday, March 15, 2008  -  6:20 AM Reply with quote
you are 100% right but the mentioned method is in fact a behaviour of life which will arouse the following
understanding of Holy Quran as it is must to read it with translation
regular offering of prayer
100 % faith on ALLAH' powers, therefore negation of undue respect of all so called powers like Peer, Specialists,tests and Hakeems
your core point is very right but my post do not collide with it rather it strenghten it in a deeper sence

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