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Topic initiated on Sunday, December 30, 2007  -  12:56 PM Reply with quote
Lack of Leadership in Pakistan

AOA all members,

Our nation is going through a yet another very critical situation after the loss of undoubtedly a very great leader Benazir Bhutto. May Allah forgive all her sins and give her a place in paradise.

But one thing I was thinking after death, who will be his successor, who will lead PPP now and I can't figure out a single person of such a calibre and that takes my attention to a much bigger problem.

Parties, families, institutions, country , religious thoughts all seems to be running/dependent on personalities. I can't see any institutions anywhere. People will come and go. This is the law of nature but the process has to move on. But in Pakistan we are normally stuck after the death of a good leader. We had few good leaders in the past but their legacy is that now there is a severe leadership crisis in Pakistan.

The only way to get out of this is to create a culture of institutions from the smallest level of family to the much higher level of country. And I am pretty much convinced, that if we can do that we will get rid of majority of our current issues.


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Posted - Sunday, December 30, 2007  -  1:23 PM Reply with quote
Although this site is not meant for political discussions but there are times when you cannot avoid the situation. Studying Islam UK and Renaissance Readers Club UK are sister organisations and are associated with Almawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences. Because the Club works closely with Pakistan Welfare Association locally in Berkshire in order to fullfill the aim of education of our masses in every field, including religion and other subjects as well as educating people to come out of the clutches of sectarianism- we have been receiving calls from local radios and newspapers to find our reaction to this recent sad incidence in Pakistan.

We have persistently repeated our stance that although neither Renaissance Club nor PWA is a political organisation but community building organisations,therefore we would not be giving any political statement. We have stated that this is indeed a very sad time for the country and its people and we share equally. However Pakistan is a very young country, just 60 years old and has to go a long way forwards to build the country on the basis of democracy which is in accordance with an Islamic Political structure. This has to be done very cleverly and with utmost wisdom, being fully aware of the open and hidden enemy, being aware of the important geographical position of Pakistan and therefore the interest of the foreign allys.

We were asked that what are we doing to mark this incidence and we have informed that as we meet every Sunday in the local Community Centre for the Families club as organised by PWA in association with Renaissance Readers Club UK, we shall talk about the situation, pray for the deceased leader and her family, for the country and also the way forward for the nation insh'Allah, of which education of Pakistanis and Muslims everywhere in the world is the top priority, and which is the aim of this website Studying Islam and all its sister organisations.

We have also expressed thanks to our local friends and organisations who have been sending messages of sympathy and condolences and that we hoped that the super powers would interfere only reasonably which could be beneficial for the country rather than a harm.

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