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Topic initiated on Tuesday, December 18, 2007  -  10:46 AM Reply with quote
Rashad Khalifa's Intellectual deceit exposed-Scum

Rashad Khalifa's Intellectual deceit exposed-
What he said was scum.

Rashad Khalifa in his Proclamation said, (Quote)

“God’s messenger of the Covenant has presented overwhelming evidence that 9:128-129 do not belong in the Quran {Appendix 24}. With the removal of these false verses, the Quran has finally been restored. Our generation is the first ever to receive the Quran in its purified and finalized form”{Unquote}

Allah advised people to refrain from indulging in intellectual dishonesty:
وَلاَ تَلْبِسُواْ ٱلْحَقَّ بِٱلْبَاطِلِ وَتَكْتُمُواْ ٱلْحَقَّ وَأَنْتُمْ تَعْلَمُونَ
"And clothe not the Proven Truth with the falsehood
And do not conceal/withhold the Truth knowingly" {Ref 002:42}
Intellectual deceit, fraud and corruption requires two things to be done:
(a) Clothe some of the truth with falsehood;
(b) Withhold; conceal some of the known truth by not disclosing it to others.

It is not uncommon that shrewd, crafty and cunning persons have been misleading and misguiding people, the majority of whom do not apply common sense what to say of reflecting with reason and logic. Such persons are usually aware of the weakness and desires of other people and quite conveniently deceive them.
Saamri {سامري} is one such character who took the gold ornaments of companions and did a trick and fraud with them. He made an object, resembling a calf, in such a manner that some sound was heard coming from it. The people were surprised and amazed. سامرى told them that it was their “Ilaha-إله” and they gathered around it.
Getting information from Allah that during his absence from nation, سامرى has befooled his nation, Musa {Moses-Peace is upon him} returned in anger and furry. But he did not kill سامرى. Instead he conducted an enquiry and questioned his nation as to why they obeyed سامرى and acted in that manner.
A group of people explained to him:
قَالُواْ مَآ أَخْلَفْنَا مَوْعِدَكَ بِمَلْكِنَا وَلَـٰكِنَّا حُمِّلْنَآ أَوْزَاراً مِّن زِينَةِ ٱلْقَوْمِ فَقَذَفْنَاهَا فَكَذَلِكَ أَلْقَى ٱلسَّامِرِيُّ } * { فَأَخْرَجَ لَهُمْ عِجْلاً جَسَداً لَّهُ خُوَارٌ فَقَالُواْ هَـٰذَآ إِلَـٰهُكُمْ وَإِلَـٰهُ مُوسَىٰ فَنَسِيَ
"They said: "We did not break the promise with you by our own will. But we were loaded with the jewelry of people and Saamri suggested to lay them off. Then he brought/made out for them a calf like object that produced sound. And they said to us “This is your god and the god of Moses but (Moses) has forgotten! "{Ref 20:87-88}
One group of people is giving their explanation. They said about what they had done was not by their design, but it was suggested by Saamri that we should return the jewelry in our possession belonging to other people. So these people gave it away. And Saamri converted that jewelry into a calf like object for them, the owners of jewelry. And they stated to this group of people that the strangest thing was that it also produced sound.
سامرى had played a trick and created a wrong perception in the minds of people with that sound phenomenon. What Moses did? He cleared the fraudulent perception by a simple argument:
أَلَمْ يَرَوْاْ أَنَّهُ لاَ يُكَلِّمُهُمْ
"did they not see that it was not speaking with them" {Refer 7:148}
أَفَلاَ يَرَوْنَ أَلاَّ يَرْجِعُ إِلَيْهِمْ قَوْلاً
"Could they not see that it could not return them a word in the manner of speech" {Refer 20:89}
The Bani Israel of that time after listening plain and simple fact had accepted their folly and stupidity and repented.
سامرى fascinated people with the buzzy-sound. Rashad Khalifa fascinated people with digit 19. Both don’t answer people with words. They merely fascinate and fascination makes people astray.
The best way to get people out of fascination and enable them reflect on simple realities is to confront them with the truth which Rashad Khalifa clothed with the false hood; and tell that truth, which Rashad Khalifa deliberately concealed by not narrating to public despite knowing that. It will help many except those who have made Rashad Khalifa an idol in their hearts and feel continued fascination.
Rashid Khalifa worked hard to make people believe that verses 9:128-129 are false and injected. He applied and made use of both the techniques of an intellectual deceit. In this regard what Rashad Khalifa clothed with false hood and what fact he deliberately concealed are discussed in this paper. Saa’mri was much “wiser”; he played with buzzy-sound and was extremely successful in befooling an entire nation. Digits too have a fascinating affect; but, in the last, turn back on the person to expose him fully and nakedly, as you would see in the first part of this study. Fudging does not survive longer with respect to digits/figures howsoever Rashad Khalifa might have thought himself clever.
The main job of "عقل", mind/intellect is to differentiate between two things; only by differentiating between things one earns the right to be called wise and prudent. Anyone who doesn't do it is merely an emotionalist, and is declared by Quran as the worst of the creatures. Should we not try to differentiate between a Messenger of Allah and a cheater? In part two of this study you will find Rashad Khalifa NOT as "messenger of covenant", as he proclaimed, but an intellectually dishonest person.
An intellectually dishonest person is in fact a pseudo intellectual suffering from psychological disorders and has the self assumed perception of greatness/superiority. He is a person who has a disease in his heart, in the words of Quran-e-Majeed, and Allah makes his disease "malignant"/ increasing all the time in his life {Refer 002:010}. He perceives as if he is purifying things while the fact of matter is that all his work creates nothing but confusion for many in the society.
Rashad Khalifa is dead and his account is now with Allah. We should be concerned with what he left in writing, a stinking odor. We should be concerned for those whom he fascinates. Therefore he need not be proved an intellectually dishonest person, by comparing his sayings with others since those who idolize him, may insist that Rashad Khalifa was right when he said this thing and all others are talking non-sense. Rashad Khalifa should be judged and known by what he himself said and believed. Let 19 be the falsification test to know and expose the “inner side” of Rashad Khalifa, his "diseased heart"........................MORE

Posted - Wednesday, December 19, 2007  -  1:11 PM Reply with quote
Everywhere is seen scum by those who certainly have it in their minds, Alas!

Posted - Wednesday, December 19, 2007  -  1:12 PM Reply with quote
Everywhere is seen scum by those who certainly have it in their minds, Alas!

Posted - Wednesday, December 19, 2007  -  5:57 PM Reply with quote
Dear oosnam,

Scum is not something which is in mind. This is reflective of some thing else in the mind. That is why I have said that what Rashad Khalifa said was scum. And I have submitted proof with reference to those points he made. Have you answer to any of those points?

Posted - Tuesday, February 23, 2016  -  1:31 PM Reply with quote
Yamama and Our Amal-Nama

Does anybody know how many Prophet’s companions [R] were approximately killed in all the major wars that were fought during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad [P]?

Kindly see the list of all major wars and the approximate number of Prophet’s companions [R] who were killed inclusive of all the major wars that were fought during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad [P]:

Badr 14
Uhud 70
Khaybar 17
Mu'tah 12
Hunayn 5
Total: 118

But when a person called Musaylimah claimed himself as the Apostle / Ambassador / Prophet from Allah [SWTA] as every companions of the Prophet knew well that Muhammad [P] is the last Messenger and Prophet, Abu Bakkar [R] has ordered for a war against Musaylimah, and that war was called Yamama!

Does anybody know how many Prophet’s companions were approximately killed in the battle of Yamama? It was 1200 companions among which more than 1/3 i.e. more than 400 were hafiz-e-Quran and they were Prophet’s closest associates [R]!

Yamama War
Total number of Prophet's companions, who were Killed 1200
Total number of Hafiz-e-Quran who were Killed 400-450

Have you noticed the number of Muslims who were killed in Yamama was more than ten times when comparing it with all the major wars fought during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad [P]!

This battle played a major role in motivating Abu Bakkar [R] to complete the compilation of the Qur'an. As 400 hafizes were killed at Yamama upon the insistence of his future successor Umar [R], Abu Bakkar [R] has ordered the collection of the pieces of the Qur'an into one copy.

The battle of Badr was almost similar to Yamama in one way but it was contrast to it in another way! Let me explain the contrast first; In Badr Prophet [P] was alive but during Yamama Prophet [P] was not alive.

Now let us see in which way Badr was almost similar to Yamama?

That was during Badr Prophet [P] was imploring to Allah [SWTA] saying that if we get defeated then there won’t be a single person to worship you alone in the whole earth! The very similar situation rose after the claim of Musaylimah as an Apostle and when thousands believed in him and followed him blindly!

What does this history tell us? What is the respect we have for that 400-Hafizes who get killed in Yamama, which by Allah’s plan paved the way for the collection of the Quran, which we read, and enjoying every-day?

All we need to do is after Muhammad [P] if anyone claims that he is a messenger or a prophet, we need to identify and witness how evil he is with all the feasible and possible proofs and that can be the only tribute that we can do for the 1200 Sahabis’ who get killed in Yamama!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have written a small book called "Critical Evaluation of Rashad Khalifa with Quran-Alone"; this small book is the result of years of data gathered interacting with people for and against Rashad Khalifa in internet forums and in real life, including my personal experience and research.

Many have contributed to this book, directly and indirectly, knowingly and unknowingly. I request you very much; kindly help me for this e-book to reach all your Muslim contacts for two reasons:

1) In-order to warn the humanity to be aware of the tricky works of Rashad Khalifa [Who claimed himself as a Messenger of Allah [SWTA].

2) In-order to ensure that our response to the deviant group-Khalifates [who have taken Rashad Khalifa as their idol] is comprehensive, clear, and precise, Insha Allah.

In the battle of Uhad, Sahabis' formed a protection wall for the Prophet using their bodies as human bricks, and in Yamama they did the same and this time it is for protecting Islam - The only religion accepted by Allah [SWTA]!

All I request you is to form the word bricks in 'online' especially in 'social medias' against whoever claim for messenger-ship of someone even without a single verse as their proof! May Allah [SWTA] bless everyone who help his religion, make their Amal-Nama as good, and repay them with Jannah!

I'm dedicating my book for the humble, honest and hard works of those 1200 Yamama Martyrdoms [R]. In-order to view my complete E-Book- "Critical Evaluation of Rashad Khalifa, with Quran-Alone", kindly visit:


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