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Topic initiated on Sunday, October 26, 2003  -  8:47 PM Reply with quote

Assalaamu Alaikum.

If the first ten days of <i>Ramadan</i> signify God's mercy, let us all practice the same in our own capacities.

A <b>Blessed</b> <i>Ramadan</i> to you all.

Allah Hafiz.


Posted - Monday, October 27, 2003  -  7:08 AM Reply with quote
Assalamu Alaikum,

Here's wishing all the moderators, members of the forum and all visitors Ramadan Karim. May Allah shower us with His blessings and accept all our prayers and fasting.

I seek forgiveness from all i might have offended in one way or the other through my postings. May Allah forgive us all.

Assalamu Alaikum.


Posted - Monday, October 27, 2003  -  12:24 PM Reply with quote
Ramadan Mubarak

assalamo alaykum(peace)

May we b able to strive and attain the best of moral values out of this blessed month;
more reading, understanding, practicing and spreading

the advice in the Final Word and Scripture of our dear Lord(the Qura'n)

revealed in this blessed month

Who sent to us

scriptures, including Bible and Torah,

containing advice for prayer and fasting before this as well

to attain purification of the "self"

and who sent all the prophets including

Abraham, Noah, David, Solomon, Jonah, Moses, Jesus(Eesa) and finally

Mohammad, may His peace and blessings be upon all of them with the same Message


with best wishes and regards



Posted - Friday, October 31, 2003  -  11:43 AM Reply with quote
a very nice and encouraging thing i read recently; wud like to share with u all who must b working so hard in this tight but blessed schedule of Ramadan
when a believer(who really really trusts Allah in all his/her matters/affairs) gets tired, worried for any reason(which is so common in the test of this life); and when he goes to sleep, even a little sleep if it may b, makes him feel so very fresh, bright and hopeful again; due to his/her trust in the Beloved Lord, knowing that no matter what,atleast He is around

here the e.g. was given of the believers in the battle of Uhad when they got defeated due to their mistake, but realized and retrned to their Lord the gracious before retiring that night, praying to Him for His help, and only after a few hrs sleep they were so fresh next morning that with His help they followed the nonbelievers who got scared that there must b a fresh batallion who had joined them as otherwise they shud hv been v. depressed and tired to dare to follow them so soon after the defeat
whereas the one whose belief isn't there at all or is weak, keeps feeling tired and worried no matter how long he/she sleeps and rests for
(taken from tazkeer ul Qura'n) by maulana waheeduddin khan)

so insha'Allah we wud b feeling fresh despite all the hard work we do nowadays, when we need to wake up early, rush to mosques to hear His beautiful Word a while after aftar/breaking fast
and contiue with our routine works/jobs etc. as well
afterall we r trying to reach for the most beautiful place of the universe our Lord has prepared for the ones who strive and He says who wishes to compete shud do so for that
and we love holidays at lovely spots
don't we

open to comments

Posted - Friday, September 5, 2008  -  2:44 AM Reply with quote

a very nice and encouraging thing i read recently; wud like to share with u all ...........................open to comments

And permit me to quote fromm what I read in an article "Ramadhaan and health care."


There was a discussion between Ali bin Husain bin Waquid (raa) and a Christian physician to the Khalifah, Haroon Ar-Rasheed, about Islam's outlook on the science of medicine and health care. The physician said to Ibn Waquid: "There is not in your Book, Al-Qur'ân, anything about medicine. For if Al-Qur'ân is a book of science, what about this science? Aren't there two kinds of sciences: the science of the body and the science of the soul?" Ibn Waquid responded: 'Allah, the Most High has combined both sciences in half of a verse, when He states: "...Eat and drink but waste not by excess, for Allah loves not the wasters." (Al-Qur'ân 7:31)

The physician said: 'Why, then, has nothing been mentioned about medicine from the mouth of your Messenger?' Ibn Waquid replied: 'Our Messenger (saas), has combined the sciences about the medicine in a few words when he says: "The stomach is the house for disease and prevention is the essence of medicine." The Christian physician then said: 'Then your book, Al-Qur'ân and your Prophet Muhammad left nothing about medicine for Jalienas (a famous physician of the ancients). (Arkanul Arbaah, An-Nadwi, Darul Qlam, Kuwait)

The whole article can be read here:


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