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Topic initiated on Saturday, October 25, 2003  -  10:13 AM Reply with quote
The Islamic World


It is our firm belief that the unique social and historical conditions of our time, combined with new knowledge in the fields of science and technology, make it not only possible but highly likely that within a generation or so we will live in a fully and truly Islamic World. This website has been created to help achieve that goal

Posted - Tuesday, October 28, 2003  -  4:07 AM Reply with quote
Inshallah this vision of a well established and bright islamic world with knowledge spreading to all islamic countries will come in this generation. I want the knowledge to be spread to the mass and not limited to certain individuals, that is how great minds are born. When we make knowledge available to all muslims, then we truly live in islamic world. Islam already encourages knowledge and Allah swt makes a clear distinction between humans and animals(knowledge). We fortunate muslims need to provide the resources to spread the knowledge to those less fortunate. With the kind of technology available it is possible and it takes actions of individuals with the help of Allah swt to provide the resources. This great website is taking the action to provide an excellent resources to gain knowledge about Islam. As for me, I will focus on bringing that knowledge to the mass through television to spread knowledge about the great wonders of Allah's creations (discovery channel is good example). And movies that inspire great minds to think, explore, and challenge...inshallah.

Posted - Tuesday, October 5, 2004  -  7:12 PM Reply with quote
with the name of allah
alsalam alkum

i agree! i'm a revert, and i can be indentify as one. but i do know of reverts, who are not indentifiable. i was amazed at how many reverts are in the usa. i always say to people: "you are a muslim, you just don't know it yet"

Posted - Tuesday, October 5, 2004  -  9:13 PM Reply with quote
Wa Alaikum Assalaam Renee,

You wrote, "i always say to people: "you are a muslim, you just don't know it yet""

So true, so true. I have a few co-workers, one especially who is a devout "born again" Christian, and she is a good muslimah, but does not know it yet. The one who sumbits to the Will of Allah is a muslim. Many people who are true practioners of their faith, are actually Muslims mashaAllah. May Allah guide us and keep us on the straight path.



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