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Topic initiated on Wednesday, November 28, 2007  -  11:15 PM Reply with quote
teddy bear/wat about those people called muhammad

(re: the latest news about a teddy bear named muhammad vide infra)why cant muslim leaders ask the people who call themselves (or their children) muhammad who are involved in all sorts of activities; teddies are inactive & harmless atleast.

last summer as we entered a shop at blackpool beach the news were on ' mohammad---------and mohammad---------were accused of rape and robbery.....' and so on. i looked at my sister & daughters, all of us wearing head scarves/hijabs and then at the local people around us. wat a shame to hear such about your brothers in public-sp. with this name, or as a matter of fact names of any of the prophets.(peace be upon them)

also the teenager i mentioned with this name and two other renouned prophets' names attending with sexually transmitted infections- so who shud we punish for naming these people muhammad or who should we ask to change their names from muhammad? themselves or their parents or the states where they live in or the imams of the masjids

(there has been a fuss about some children and a teacher naming a class teddy bear muhammad- as kids wanted.(news panel sudan) and the foreigner non-muslim teacher going through a trial for this;even so capital punishment suggested for her.)

Posted - Thursday, November 29, 2007  -  9:39 AM Reply with quote
Black sheep and black mares are everywhere (point out example, if any otherwise). So we can not pick them as the wishful source to defame the whole community.

Posted - Friday, November 30, 2007  -  8:11 AM Reply with quote
also check out


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