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Topic initiated on Saturday, October 25, 2003  -  1:45 AM Reply with quote
A Fantastic Islamic Portal

Dear brothers/Sisters in Islam
Assalaamu Alikum
I have been surfing the net for quite some time now. There is no single site which could give us leads to all the authentic information .
Alhamdulillaah I came across this site - www.islamicfinder.org - which contains exactly what I was looking for and more. May Allaah bless those who have developed it. It has several features like checking salat times of over 5 million cities across the globe to precision, good islamic downloads (Adhan), the Gregorian-Hijri Date Converter, a good directory of Mosques and especially the sites that are linked are the most authentic and reliable ones, hence the probability of being misled by the propagators of false information is eliminated. I use this site as a yardstick to assess information of other sites. Hope this will help you too.

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