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Miss Khan

Topic initiated on Thursday, October 23, 2003  -  11:37 AM Reply with quote

Who are Qadianis??? Is it a sect of Muslims like we have other, Shias, Sunnis etc.??? Are Qadiani Muslims or non Muslims??? Should they be dealt like Non-Muslims, or should be hated as Islam instructs us of well-behaviour with non-Muslims??? Can Qadiani be reagarded as "Kafirs"???

Razi Allah

Posted - Thursday, October 23, 2003  -  1:34 PM Reply with quote
Qadianis diverge from mainstream Muslims on the matter of belief. Mainstream Muslims believe in the cessation of the institution of prophethood with the death of Prophet(sws). Qadianis on the other hand do not hold this belief and consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani a prophet of God.

By virtue of the declaration of Qadianis as Non-Muslims by the Muslim collectivity, we can call them Non-Muslims. However, it is not the jurisdiction of an individual to declare any other individual or group Non-Muslim. Only the Muslim community at the state level or as a whole can make such pronouncements.

Isalm does not instruct us to hate anyone who disagrees with our stand. We should treat them as cordially as we would treat anyone else and can reason and debate with them in the best of manners. The declaration of "Non-Muslim" does not divorce them from the rights and priviliges of humans.

The term "Kaafir", though loosely thrown around, has a specific connotation. Anyone who deliberately denies the truth after it has been made manifest to him/her in its pristine form. After the Prophet(sws), no one has the means to pass the value judgement of "Kaafir" on others. "Non-Muslim" on the other hand is simply a term used to distinguish those who do not belong to the Muslim community from those who do.

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