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Topic initiated on Tuesday, November 6, 2007  -  1:56 PM Reply with quote
بَعَثَ: Revival of physically/metaphorically dead

Resurrection: Revival of physically/metaphorically dead
بَعَثَ :Revival of physically/ metaphorically dead

Perception is a neurological process of observation and interpretation. It is a neurological process of acquiring and mentally interpreting information from the senses. Perception and word of a language are compulsorily complementary to each other.

A word is needed to convey and transmit a specific perception. Words serve as a medium to communicate perceptions. It is for this reason that, a language will be considered rich, clear, perspicuous, eloquent, distinct, free from admixture, void of indistinctness or without concealment, apparent like the daybreak and divested of the froth, if its words have the capability of transporting the perception from one mind to a listener and reader, in a manner that it generates in the recipient mind exactly the same neurological process of observation and interpretation and creates a true copy of that perception.

And its the Arabic Mubeen of Quran Mubeen, the language {لسان} of the Last Messenger which has the capacity of transmitting and making the perception reach to the listener and reader, in the aforesaid manner.

Words of Arabic take birth from a Root. Each Root has specific, defined, distinct, conspicuous, apparent perception folded in it. And whatever be the shape of word and the context in which it is employed, the perception and thought folded in the Root shall remain dominant and conspicuous………………………MORE
Resurrection: Revival of dead

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