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Topic initiated on Tuesday, November 6, 2007  -  1:50 PM Reply with quote
ثُمَّ : Perception/meanings; and occasion of use

ثُمَّ : Perception and meanings; and occasion of use.

ثُمَّ , particle, has 340 occurrences and is ordinarily translated with English words "and", or "then" by considering it synonym/synonymous {مرادف,مترادف} of "و" and "ف". But, Grand Qur'an has explained and used it in a manner distinct in all respects from "و" and "ف".

The word "and" or "then" as a substitute of "ف""و"are conjunction, denoting order and a delay giving the perception of a sequence "after that, afterwards, next, as a consequence". It also gives informal perception of "in addition to, as well as, along with, coupled with, combined with, furthermore, likewise". And it reflects the relationship of cause and effect.

Both these English words and the Arabic particles reflect a sequence of happenings/things which are interrelated. And one does not perceive the distance of time between the two things mentioned before and after the use of word "and" or "then". It reflects the continuity in the two things conjunct by them though delay in the order of happenings is evident with respect to the thing occurring after them in relation to the one occurring before them.

But particle ثُمَّ is used in a distinct manner. It occurs as conjunction between two things different from each other in nature and reflects a break and time gap between both, not continuity. It does not reflect the perception of relationship of cause and effect. At its very first occurrence in the Quran, the meanings of it have been made quite evident, vivid and distinct………..MORE


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