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Topic initiated on Wednesday, October 17, 2007  -  11:22 PM Reply with quote
funeral procession for christians

Assalamu alaikum, my best friend is a chinese christian and her father passed away a few days ago. There is a funeral viewing for 2 days and then the burial.
My questions are the following:
#1:Is it permissible to send flowers to the funeral home (which is customary for christians) to say that my thoughts are with her at this difficult time in her life;
#2: Is it permissible to give money. Funerals here in canada cost around $20,000 and I'm assuming that this is what the money is normally given for.
#3: Attending the funeral burial. Ofcourse the deceased person died as a non-believer but does that mean, all the blessings that he did get from Allah (swt) do not count for anything? I mean, while his family will be praying to whoever for whatever reason... is it ok for me to pray to Allah for him...
#4: is permissible for me to attend the viewing and/or the funeral burial?

Posted - Friday, October 19, 2007  -  7:12 AM Reply with quote
Wa Alaikum us Salaam

It's very painful to know about the Death of your Best Friend's Father. I'm sure that with YOUR help she'll be able to recover very soon from this Great Shock.

Our Religion Islam is NOT narrow-minded. To join hands in the Sadness as well as Happines of Relatives/Neighbours/Friends is, In Fact, a part of Basic Ethics that is Beyond Everything including Religion.

This means that Answer of Your All Questions is "YES". The only thing you shud be Worried about is that You HAVE to Stay AWAY from any clear HARAM (restricted) thing.

Posted - Friday, October 19, 2007  -  10:46 PM Reply with quote
Assalamu alaikum,
Thank you for your response.

Posted - Saturday, October 20, 2007  -  6:59 AM Reply with quote
wa Alaikum us Salaam
U r Most welcome. I hope that my response wasn't too Late

Posted - Saturday, October 20, 2007  -  8:26 AM Reply with quote
thnx I and nice to hear from you after a while J:)
i can tell you a v. positive personal experience of joining in a non-muslim funeral.
it was my child's class teacher's mother's funeral. i had noticedthe mesge about her leave due to mother's demise in my child's home school book and asked if i cud attend the funeral.
wen i went there(although i was sad to see that the lady was cremated despite being a believing christian but this is becoming a norm now)the teacher was ovewhelmed to see me and said she did not think that as a practicing muslim we were allowed to attend a non-muslim's funeral.
the lesson and spirituality i found at the funeral proceedings is also an unforgettable experience. the vicar quoted from bible that when we die, we are not leaving our home, we are rather returning to Home!!-to Someone Who is waiting for us..

Posted - Sunday, October 21, 2007  -  2:12 AM Reply with quote
Assalamu alaikum, yes it's been a while since I've blogged but Alhumdulilah, every time I need help/advice, Studying-Islam gives me great insight. Thank you.

The message reply came just in time! I finished work, checked my email, saw that it was ok and went to the viewing on the last day yesterday). It really touched my friend that I showed up to support her.

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