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Topic initiated on Tuesday, October 9, 2007  -  9:13 AM Reply with quote
Aitakaf and Tasawaff (Rehbaniat)

How one can compare Aitakaf with the Tasawaff or Rehbaniat keeping the fact in mind that during that time period a person is normally totally cut off from worldy affairs?

Posted - Wednesday, October 10, 2007  -  7:04 AM Reply with quote
you can take it as that 'Etikaaf is the MAX Permitted Rahbaaniyyat in Islam.
BUT more importantly it shud be Noted that
'Etikaaf is not an Independent type of "Ebadat" as Fasting is. It's a Part of Fasting & In Fact it's the Climax of Fasting but the Difference is that it's Optional.

Posted - Tuesday, October 16, 2007  -  12:01 AM Reply with quote
My question to dear brothers is does this mean that the option is open slighltly to someone who wishes to turn to Rahbaaniyat during their lifetime if the circumstances allow, e.g no immediate responsibilities in terms of looking after close relatives, or does it draw the line there as brother Ibrahim has quoted Eitkaaf is the max permitted Rahbaaniyat in Islam and it is not an independent type of Ebaadat, so other than Ramzan it should not be practiced.

Posted - Saturday, October 20, 2007  -  6:26 PM Reply with quote

Going through the whole structure of Ibada in Islam there is not even a hint of rehbaniat expect during the last 10 days of Ramadan. And if we look at this ibada (ramadan) it is a bit different in a sense that for only this type of Ibada Allah has said that this (Roza) if for me and I myself will give reward for this. And it makes sense as well because during this month we stay away from the things which are normally allowed by Allah. By making this ibada so personal, Allah has also given the opportunity to sit in Aitakaf, the maximum allowed rehbaniat in Islam. This in no way is an option for someone who wishes to turn to Rehbaaniyat for whatever reason. We should also not forget that even during Ramadan its only limited to last 10 days as opposed to whole ramadan. So instead of thinking this as an option to turn to rehbaniyat one should think as an absolute limit on rehbaniyat if someone wants to turn to it.


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