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Topic initiated on Sunday, October 7, 2007  -  6:38 PM Reply with quote


My name is Hanifa and also Nidia.
Hanifa is the name I chose when convert to Islam in 2004, and Nidia is the name that my parents give me.
I’m Portugueses and I’m Muslim.
Is there in this group of study other Portuguese people?
I have a great interesting in study Islam, in fact I want to go the “next level” if you understand. I mean with this, I want to be a specialist in Islam.
Also I want to right a lot of papers in my language, for that Portuguese people start to know a little better of this religion of peace, that is Islam.
So my propose is to learn more and more, to know people that know a lot of Islam and learn with them.
Another of my goals is to learn Arabic, then I can ready the Koran, without translation.
So I hope I learn a lot with you.

Salam Aleikum,
Hanifa Ponte

Posted - Monday, October 8, 2007  -  6:45 AM Reply with quote
w salam Dear sister in Islam

I warmly welcome You on behalf of SI team here & as well as in Islam.

Your keen interest in learning Islam & then wishing to become a Scholar to Spread it is really very Refreshing for Us. May Allah help you to fulfil your ALL GOOD & HIGH desires. Amin
It'll be our pleasure to become helpful to you in this Regard in Any way. I'll Just like to admit that the GOAL you want to acheive Needs a BIG heart & Lots of patience. I do hope that you are READY for it.

In the End I wud like to ADD that it's NOT necessory for a convert to Islam to CHANGE the prev. Name unless it's meaning etc. is against the Spirit of Islam. Now it's upto You which name you want to carry on.

Hafiz Ibrahim
Research Asstt.

Posted - Monday, October 8, 2007  -  11:28 PM Reply with quote
Thanks Ibrahim for you kind words.

I will keep my name Hanifa, because it was also a name I chose for me, and I know that it means the ture believer.
I know that to do what i want its necessary a lot of patience, we a help of God I will have it.

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