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Topic initiated on Sunday, September 16, 2007  -  2:22 PM Reply with quote
movie'khuda kay leay'/in the name of God

a few weeks back i recvd a couple of emails cursing almawrid scholars and blaming the founder of this site javaid ahmed ghamidi sahib for writing the script of the above movie-which was a news for me as when i checked from reliable sources, this was not true that he wrote the script. however a couple of ahadith ref. quoted in the movie in the court scene were taken from almawrid scholars.

the email blamed javaid ghamidi sb that he allows living together without nikah, he rejects beard and jihad and allows music in islam.

a week ago one of my friends who is severely anti-almawrid called from pakistan and exclaimed that i must watch this movie as it is award winner in pak. and we must try and promote it in the west because it gives the true picture of islam as againsr extremism which is based on lack of knowledge-also that we must show this to our youngsters.

last night i happened to watch this movie with my family as someone gave us the dvd(who is again an anti-islamic person himself) i was surprised to see and could not make out at all that on what basis the email sender(defender of islam) had mentioned all that in his/her email-how was this related to javed ghamidi and almawrid and secondly where were the charges mentioned.

as i also happened to be on bbc berkshire this morning in a faith show, and a Q was posed to me and the bishop from a catholic church present that why did muslims and christians equally lapse from religion- and besides other talk, i was able to give the ref of this movie which explains the story of this lapse well amongst muslims-specially our youngsters.

Posted - Sunday, September 23, 2007  -  7:44 PM Reply with quote
I just finished watching the movie: KHUDA KAY LIYAY - IN THE NAME OF GOD.

In spite of all the prejudices and negative emotions being held against this movie, as I expected, it is a master piece from the production maestro, Shoaib Mansoor. I loved the message being spread out through this project. If we may understand this message, we will definitely move a step forward to solve many complex problems in our society...

Maybe I like this movie because, in my quest for God, I came across the similar religious heads who prepared me for doing the most "fanatic things" in the name of Allah cent percent with the same arguments that Mawalan Tahiri presents in the movie.

Shaan, Naseeruddin Shah and Iman Ali come up with the outstanding performances!! And Vital Signs star, "Rohail Hayat", comes back to play the sound track!

Don't miss it!!

Posted - Thursday, September 27, 2007  -  5:57 AM Reply with quote
but i was surprised to learn from a senior colleague here who is a reliable source because they deal with some audio visual work, that the court scene and some others have been censored in the copies available in uk-i think that is the most imp bit that gave the ahadith ref. which otherwise are misinterpreted and used as imposing marriages on muslim girls.
you can just sit and wonder who acts behind all such

Posted - Thursday, September 27, 2007  -  2:07 PM Reply with quote
Well, thats true here in USA too. DVD's of the movie availble here don't have the final court scene. I wonder if it was deliberate or just a mistake.

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