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Topic initiated on Wednesday, September 12, 2007  -  6:02 AM Reply with quote
Regarding Foul Postings at the Forums


Regarding Foul Postings at the Forums
Monday, September 10, 2007

Recently, the forums of Studying Islam have been unduly and persistently attacked by hackers and this has caused trouble to our forum participants off and on.

We have been trying to tackle this problem. Because of the highly tolerant policy of this site, the hackers have been able to take advantage and pollute the forums with unacceptable language and personal targeting of other members and forum moderators.
We had to take an action by introducing a Forum Code of Conduct and by the cancellation of such registrations. However because filtration is never 100% possible, these posters kept returning with changed identities. This caused a lot of harassment and bullying to our members who wished to interact in safe and healthy environment and sadly quite a few decided to stop participating-including some of our moderators in the past.

We are pleased to announce that we have now been able to cleanse the forums to a reasonable extent and our members can continue their discussion in a better and more tolerant atmosphere. Because of the cleansing process you may have noticed a sudden disappearance of traffic from the Forums. However, since Studying Islam believes in quality and not quantity, we intend to continue our members' discussions and exchange of views in a more suitable atmosphere.

We assume that this is going to be an ongoing process of cleansing as and when the site gets attacked by trouble makers. We therefore request our members and moderators equally to bear with us whilst we make efforts to keep things smoother and more favorable.

Directorate of Student Affairs
Studying Islam


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