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Topic initiated on Wednesday, July 4, 2007  -  10:00 PM Reply with quote

Suicide attacks anywhere in the world leave one with a revolting feeling of utter and complete lack of infinity to the human race. Further more; the recent events in UK are completely detrimental. I feel it is time for a Muslim to speak and stand up for Islam the Divine religion from Allah.

Until now, I had been telling myself that lack of education, background, wrong exposure and wrong company, were the feeble justifications as to why we had the so called jihadees or suicide bombers. The recognition that now we have doctors who are undertaking this has undoubtedly shaken my certitude. As a doctor; one white coat and a stethoscope gives you more trust then perhaps even a priest. How can a doctor, a life saver, take innocent and indiscriminate lives of men, women and children?

The Islam I believe in and follow states:

The Qur'an addresses Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him as:

'We sent you thee not, but as a mercy for all creations" 21:107.

The Qur’an’s statement about any unnecessary killing of a human being, Muslim or non Muslim

He who killed a human being (not just Muslim) without the latter being guilty of killing another or of spreading disorder in the land should be looked upon as if he killed all mankind. (5:32).

Islam is strictly against taking even a single human life, without justice. Islam allows taking an individual's life, only under two conditions: When the person is guilty of murder and when the person is guilty of creating unrest and anarchy in the state. These actions carried out by the court and state and not by individuals, after the person has been given a chance to defend himself in a court.
'Jihad', according to the Qur'an is a declared warfare against injustice and oppression carried out by an organized Muslim State (not individuals).
Islam does not allow declaring an aggressive war on a nation, except where the rulers of that nation are guilty of persecuting its citizens (and subsequently those citizens call that Islamic state for help) or where the state is creating unrest and anarchy in the Islamic state. It can safely be said that no terrorist activities can fall within the ambit of ‘Jihad’, even if such an activity is sponsored and silently backed by an organized state.
Even in the case of a declared war, Islam strictly forbids taking the life of those people, who are not taking an active part in the war (women, children, senior citizens and all those other citizens, who are not taking an active part in the war.
Islam condemns suicide and sees it as an utter transgression regarding the scheme of Allah for the creation of this world. For all practical purposes suicide bombing and suicide are on almost equal grounds. It is sinful to commit suicide.
Islam’s message to Muslims

Good and evil are not equal [in their consequences]. Respond in the best of manners to what is evil. Then you shall see that he, who is your enemy, shall become your dearest of friends. But none can attain this except those who are steadfast [in God’s directives] and none can attain this except those who are truly fortunate. If Satan tempts you to do otherwise, seek refuge in God. Indeed He hears [their discourses] and knows [what is hidden in their hearts]. (41: 34 – 36)

Muslims are ordained to greet everyone; Muslims or non Muslims by saying “Assalaam Alaykum” which means “peace be upon you”.

As a Muslim we believe that, Allah is all powerful, If He wanted He could have made all individuals belonging to one religion. The diversity of faiths, the struggle to attain the truth and then steadfastness and courage to fulfil its obligations all combine to form the basis of the test-our life.

It is time, we-the Muslims, look in the mirror. It must be our responsibility to learn truly what our glorious religion stands for and not be misguided by either emotions or biased teachers. We must be clear in our minds that in Islam there is no scope or space for such inhumane activities. It must also be the responsibility of each and every adult Muslim to look and watch in their own circle, if anyone they know can possibly be involved in such activities. Remember, if you knew and remained silent, you have shared the responsibility of that action.

It is time, we-the Muslims, look in the mirror. It is time the peace loving and true Muslims who form the majority stand up and be counted. We must voice what our religion truly stands for. We must condemn such brutal and callous actions. We must dissociate ourselves from such individuals and organisations and their actions and activities. Such actions are truly atrocities against humanity.

Posted - Friday, July 6, 2007  -  7:04 AM Reply with quote
thnx M for mentioning that. i shall add what i posted to our communities forum in this regard

Death Doctors??

re: the recent row about muslim drs due to the report of the terror which involved a few of them in uk recently.

it is heartening though that media is also giving an opportunity to muslim drs to express their point of view about the way the news has been prtrayed so far.
e.g. the local bbc has invited us to come and speak about this row re: doctors and how is media portraying it. we wish to convey that the
news has been quite generalized;and titles like above used; which threatens to isolate muslims
further-specially muslim drs in their profession.they can be more vulnerable to the abuse by patients and colleagues equally. news should also mention the immense service and contribution to the NHS by muslim drs genearally over the past many years and even presently.

also check out the article


besides, following is a statement given by the mcb in this regard

03 Jul 2007

Statement from the Muslim Council of Britain on Recent Terrorism

The events of the past few days have been very disturbing and challenging ones for all of us. At the very outset we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the police officers and security experts who were tasked with removing the threat from the explosive devices in London and Glasgow.

It looks sadly as if the terror threat currently facing our country will be with us for some time to come. So let us be absolutely clear about this: those who seek to deliberately kill or maim innocent people are the enemies of all of us. There is no cause whatsoever that could possibly justify such barbarity. Those who engage in such murderous actions and those that provide support for them are the enemies of all, Muslims and non-Muslims, and they stand against our shared values in the UK.

The police and security services have the enormous responsibility for trying to ensure the safety of all Britons. As such they deserve the fullest support and cooperation from each and every sector of our society, including all Muslims.

With this in mind, the Muslim Council of Britain will, this coming Saturday, be convening a meeting at the Islamic Cultural Centre in London of key Imams and leading community activists from across the country. At Saturday’s meeting we hope to discuss how we can work better with other partners, including the police, to try to undermine and defeat the terrorists who seek to attack us. It is our Islamic duty not only to utterly and totally condemn such evil actions, but to provide all the necessary support to prevent such atrocities from taking place.

We would take this opportunity to commend the new Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith for the calm and reassuring tone of their responses to the recent attacks in which they made clear that it was unacceptable to hold any one faith group or community as being somehow collectively responsible for the actions of a few. We also appreciate the stance taken by the Scottish first Minister Alex Salmond, who re-assured the Muslim community in Scotland in unequivocal terms when he visited Glasgow Central Mosque recently.

It cannot be stressed enough that terrorists actively seek to divide us and to undermine our collective strength. To be successful in our collective effort to deal with the threats of terror it is imperative that we all work together. We need to have confidence and mutual trust in each other. The challenges facing us as a nation require us to work together for the joint benefit of all.

Thank you.

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari
Secretary General
The Muslim Council of Britain

For further information please contact the MCB:
The Muslim Council of Britain,
PO Box 57330,
E1 2WJ
Tel: 0845 26 26 786
Fax: 0207 247 7079

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