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Topic initiated on Wednesday, July 4, 2007  -  3:46 PM Reply with quote
organization in Ghana that need assistance from al

                                                           P.O.Box AK173 Anloga
                                                            2nd July,2007
To whom it may concern  about (U.Y.F.I.C.)
 First and forement, we sent our gratitude to the Alpha and Emega (Almighty Allah).
       In the first place, we are dedicated muslims residing at sawaba,kumasi-Ghana .A fresh youth organization who have sat down and gave it a second thought that,We have to aid our our society and comunity(religion islam) through preaching and leting our people to also know what islam is all about .
Then again,considering our society here in Ghana to perceive in sawaba,Kumasi-Ghana.we have islamic students who are finding it difficult in their education ,If God permit (Ishaa Allah)
all these are among our intentions to assist student to further their educations(student sponsorship).
Furthermore,we have opened a Qur'an memorisation centers in kumasi and other remote areas in Ghana .But that is enough to us ,we nee to open more memorsation centers to spread islam throughout the country.
Besides that ,we have established an islamic institution where islamic children are being thought both islamically and academically.We have so many branches of the institution in Ghana.Such as Tamale,Kumasi etc.
The name of the institution we established is known as INSITUTE FOR THE STUDIES OF ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY .
In the nutshell,Base on the above facts and also being our plans ,we wish to spread the news to all muslim world wide .And this this things that we have mentioned can not fulfill or can not be successful without Money .We are pleading to all muslims throughout the world  to Kindly respond and make us favour.
Frankly Speaking,We are in need of Arabic books,Qurans,jalbabs,Abayas,shirts and so on.
A few to be mentioned
Then also,whoever wants to co-operate with us could also contact us by the above address for arrangements.
In accordance to our Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W.)  who said Allah is in the help of a servant who help his/her Neighbour.
                                                                     Yours Brothers and Sisters in islam (Ghana)
                                                             Head:Mr.Abdul Fatah suallah mohammed saifu
His e-mail address is :suallah_mohammed_saifu@yahoo.com. if you wish to talk to him.

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