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Topic initiated on Tuesday, June 26, 2007  -  10:27 PM Reply with quote
Namaz orders 700 times? Is it a truth or a myth?


I understand that the number of times certain thing has been ordered in Quran does not make any difference, since all are orders from god.

Yet, i have some doubts about the popular teaching "namaz has been ordered 700 times". I suspect it to be an aspect of the Pakistani version of Islam.

The basis of my doubts are :-

1.I have read translation of quran a few times, and i don't remember reading the order few hundred times.

2. There are 558 rukus in Quran, so it essentially means that on average there will be order of namaz in every ruku, and twice or thrice in some.
I am definite that i didnt come across that.

3. Searching on the internet, the only sites having this statement posted are some uncredited Pakistani sites.

With this particular question in mind, few days back i started reading from para 21 and till now have read till para 27. In these 7 paras, i found the order at only 9 places, with none in paras 23,24 and 27.

It would be great if any moderator or any expert can guide me on the subject and correct me if i have mentioned anything wrong above by negligence.


Posted - Tuesday, June 26, 2007  -  10:53 PM Reply with quote

These are the verses regarding Namaz:

1) The Dawn Prayer (Fajr) given in 11:114, 24:58
(2) The Noon Prayer (Zuhr), given in 17:78 and 30:18
(3) The Afternoon Prayer (Asr), given in 2:238
(4) The sunset Prayer (Maghrib), given in 11:114
(5) The Night Prayer (Isha), given in 24:58

I hope it is helpful.


Posted - Wednesday, June 27, 2007  -  8:23 AM Reply with quote
W salaam Br Hamza

Your Doubts are very much Correct. The Actual thing in this Regard is that It's NOT the Order of Salat but in fact it's the Mentioning of Salat that has Come in Quran a Lot of Times. Me to is NOT sure about the No. of 700. It may be 600 or just More than 500. nevertheless Whatever No it may be, It will be the TOTAL of All those words (nouns or verbs) that are Related to SALAT as it may be Even a Part of Salat such as Rukoo', Sujood, Qiyam etc.


Posted - Wednesday, June 27, 2007  -  9:04 PM Reply with quote
Dear Ibrahim,

Thanks for your helpful response. To my limited knowledge, a no. of times the verbs, nouns etc like sujood etc are mentioned but mostly are not in context of salaat.

For ex, the magicians of pharoa went into sajda before Allah, that has no connection to salaat, similary everything that exists bows before Allah, that is also not in context of salaat.

The main point that bothered me is that we have been taught this '700' since childhood. What was the motive of those who invented it? To promote certain orders (or Islam in general) by creating a Macho image instead of preaching through intellectual means?

I am beginning to have doubts that what Islamiat we have been taught since Grade 1, may contain a lot of imagination of some overzealous priests, biased by their own or their culture's likings or dislikings of certain aspects of Islam.

If i have mentioned anything wrong, i would be glad to be corrected or advised upon.

Is there a translation and explanation of Quran by Mr.Javed Ahmed?


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