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Topic initiated on Sunday, June 24, 2007  -  2:18 AM Reply with quote
Test Grades

Hello, I am disputing all of my test grades, I have already taken several tests, and the answers are being incorrectly marked as wrong. I have actually made "100's" on all my papers because I double checked most of my work, however some of my grades have been posted as very low. This is an example from.........Understanding Islamic Dietary Laws Module 1..
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Question If it is not possible to slaughter an animal through Dhibh and Nahr, the Prophet (sws) has directed the believers:
Answer to kill an animal by strangulating it.
to refrain from slaughtering
X to kill an animal through a gun
none of the above

Correct Answer none of the above

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The answer from my study guide was....."killing a prey with a gun or an arrow would also be conditional to tadhkiyah

Thank You so much and sorry for being so much trouble. :) I love this class.

Posted - Sunday, June 24, 2007  -  11:15 PM Reply with quote
Dear M
We appreciate your passion for learning. Your concerns are being looked at on the course forums. Please continue to post there and you may also email to the relevant moderators directly or to stislamstudents@aol.com.

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