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Topic initiated on Monday, June 18, 2007  -  4:54 AM Reply with quote
System is marking right answers wrong...;(

I am really really enjoying these classes. However I am an honour student and I am making very low grades. I have double checked my information to find that possibly the system has marked some of my answers as incorrect when in fact they have been correct. Can someone please help me? Thank you.

Posted - Monday, June 18, 2007  -  8:33 AM Reply with quote
Its Nice to know that You are Enjoying your studies Here & You are very Consious about your Grades as well. To check your Complain I need to know that in WHICH course you have faced this Problem.
Be Sure that we're HERE to help you All.

Posted - Monday, June 18, 2007  -  3:07 PM Reply with quote
SIr, it is all of my tests. Can we go over them one by one over email? Or do you think is better I post on the board? I appreciate you helping me so much I know you are very busy. ok So I will put up my problems with my first Module first, it was on Norms of Gender Interaction-
assalamoo, I am sorry to bother you again... ... but on I was wondering could someone double check these corrections on my test.
1)could it be possible that servants of the household=male and female slaves?
2)in my study guide it says" people who live in a house as dependants, and because of their subservience, or owing to any other reason are incapable of feeling any attraction towards women"
4)"except before close relatives, attendants, and women of acquaintance", not "only women of acquaintance"
10)the visitor should supply salutations, wait for acceptance of his visit, without catching a glimpse of the residents.

sorry I am so much trouble.. Could you please adjust my test scores if you find these answers to be correct, and mistakenly marked wrong by your sytem?

next-Module Islamic Customs and etiquette-module 2 Salam,
I have a question about my grade. I had thought that question 6 was correct, according to my information as well as 10 and 11.
The answers to the questions were:
6) "Pre-Islamic Arabia also upheld this prohibition. Their poetry reflects this."
10) Surah madaih 5:6
11)water and mud cubes were only listed items for ceremonial bath and wudu

After we check these 2 tests, then I can post the rest...;) Thank you so much, I know you are very busy. I actually thought I should have made 100's on all my tests, and I need explained to me why I did not, cos maybe I misread material. Thank you so much.

Posted - Monday, June 18, 2007  -  6:52 PM Reply with quote
welcome to the SI forums Marliena6681 assalamu alaykum

(actually what i mentioned in the email was about the course forums; where you are more likely to find the relevant moderators.it's best to post your Q into the course forums you are attempting. also your emails have been fwded to the relevant dept.plz give them some time to look at the matter. best)

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