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Topic initiated on Sunday, June 17, 2007  -  4:40 PM Reply with quote
english translation of Islahi's tadabur al Qur'an

For those who are interested in Maulana Islahi, but are limited because of the lack of translations of his work, the first portion of his tafseer has been translated by Saleem Kayani. This volume includes SUrah Fatiha as well as Surah Baqarah. It also includes the introduction by Islahi, which is one of the best introductions to Tafseer that I have read. It can be purchased online at:


The other benefit to this work is that Saleem Kayani was a student of Islahi, so this limits the mistakes for a translator. The quality of the print is excellent as well. I encourage anybody and everybody to purchase it. You will not be disappointed.

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