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Topic initiated on Monday, May 14, 2007  -  8:12 AM Reply with quote
Is Islam a fabricated religion?

Dear Brothers in faith,

Asalam Aalaikum,

I have got this link :http://www.quranic.org/?gclid=CN6O97GMjYwCFRDaYgodc2ujBQ

which contains criticisms on Islam and its other aspects. Can the members and other readers of this forum give there views and comments on this link and try to answer the questions on it?


Posted - Monday, May 14, 2007  -  8:34 AM Reply with quote
do they have any new charge or the regular ones?[sorry,the webpage is perhaps blocked here in uae.]

Posted - Monday, May 14, 2007  -  4:37 PM Reply with quote

Brother ,

There are problems in Middle East as far as i know, they block several anti-islamic websites since there is no concept of debate and discussions there and thats why people are pretty ignorant about religions.
In USA, the Islamic websites that have replied to Christian Criticisms are not blocked and they can be accessed from USA without restriction or problem.

I wanted to ask you that is it true that students in UAE or any Middle East region who study at North American Universities online face lot of problems accessing the University websites?
Is there problem for online students in Middle East?
Do you have some friends or relatives who are studying in North American Univ online from Middle East?

Sorry for changing the topic but i need some proper information about it.


Posted - Tuesday, May 15, 2007  -  2:37 AM Reply with quote
salaam o alikum,

I read their intro page and skimmed through one section.

I don't think it is an anti-Islam site. They are just telling you all the stupid lies in the books of hadith and asking you not to take these lies as Islamic; to only take Quran as the main source.

Posted - Tuesday, May 15, 2007  -  9:59 AM Reply with quote
oosman,thanks for this info.

I dont have a clue about univ websites but they normally block only anti islamic,por n or sites defaming their rulers.

Posted - Thursday, May 17, 2007  -  8:42 AM Reply with quote

Thank you for your info, so it means they only block those websites that are against Islam and Islamic culture.


Posted - Thursday, May 17, 2007  -  11:52 AM Reply with quote
Student 1 I have glanced through their introduction. I can find nothing anti Islamic about the site. Perhaps you wnat to raise specific points from the site which you consider Ati Islamic. Then they could be dealt with.
Here is the introduction from the site:


The aim of this book is to assert once and for all the fact that the Quran has the exclusivity of Islam, and that, unless explicitly announced in it, no one, no sect, no sheikh or authority is allowed to remove anything from it or to make any additions to it. The purpose of religion is man. To mislead a man by arousing antagonism between him and life, and generating discord between him and his self is doomed to end in a disaster. Islam is, in its essence, free from all contradictions, whereas the pseudo-religion is a den of inconsistencies, illogicalities and sources of misery. It is inconceivable that the religion that God has revealed to be in perfect accord with human nature would include contradictions.

30 - Therefore, you shall devote yourselves to the religion of strict monotheism; God’s handiwork according to the pattern on which He created mankind. Such creation of God will never change. This is the perfect religion, but most people do not know.
30 The Romans, 30

The only lawgiver is God as far as religion is concerned. God, as the only authority, has addressed humanity through the Quran, an explicit book free from all contradictions; a book that comprises all His messages. To acknowledge the truth of these facts is tantamount to recognizing Islam given in the Quran as the word of the Almighty, the only Lawgiver. This acknowledgement entails the revocation of all unsubstantiated powers of those styled ‘authorities’ and the affirmation of the fact that God is the One and Only Authority and has no equal. The Prophet, the messenger of God, has not declared any source other than the Quran; nor has he dictated any doctrine in the name of Islam. If a statement or commentary supposed to have been given by the Prophet proves to clash with an announcement in the Quran, if anything is added or omitted from the text of the Quran, this would belie both Islam and the Prophet. In the coming chapters, we shall take a closer look into the Arabian, Omayyad, and Abbasid traditions and customs, into the contrived explanatory notes, interpolated idiosyncratic remarks and the mentality that incorporated into Islam many sham practices. We shall be warned against equating the so-called established religion with the Quran and find out the reasons why the points alleged or believed to be part of the religion are in fact outside its scope and devoid of all validity. In brief, by heading for the source, we shall be better acquainted with Islam, and, in a sense, we shall restructure it.

We shall be wary of propounding our personal viewpoint, as we shall exclusively confine ourselves to the Quran. We are well aware that we shall be faced with the expostulations of traditionalists. We shall be accused of Zionism or be excommunicated as Freemasons, as has been the case in the past. This is the usual self-deception method of the traditionalist fundamentalists who justify their backwardness by laying the blame on extraneous agents. We hereby declare that we are neither Zionists nor Freemasons. We are mere researchers and advise you to read the present book with a critical eye. The Quran is the Book of God, the true and unique source of religion. Our own opinions should be considered correct so long as they conform to the text of the Quran. This study aims at breaking the shackles that traditions, plurality, apism and superstitions have put on human intelligence.

We shall be gratified if this book would be a modest contribution to a better understanding of Islam according to the Quran.

For your information the Middle Eastern Govts have nothing to do with Islam. They are unislamic Goverments who censor anything which they consider threat to thier corrupt regime.

Posted - Thursday, May 17, 2007  -  11:56 AM Reply with quote

having read a little bit more the site is far more representative of Islam then anything on this site.

Posted - Friday, May 18, 2007  -  12:22 AM Reply with quote
yes sadly in a neighbouring town interfaith event at a synagogue this evening we have been asked Q about the closed systems in s.arabia e.g. not allowed to carry bible etc. what we could say was that this state is not a true rep. of islam--we ought to look for islam scattered here and there in the present times-nowhere a complete pic is available

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