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Topic initiated on Sunday, April 8, 2007  -  12:58 PM Reply with quote
Do we need an Amir to do jihad ?

Al-jihad supporter : my da3wa is clear, to do jihad according to the conditions I mentioned. Intention because the prophet KAW said "whoever fought for the word of Allah to be the higher word is fi sabeel Allah". Under the banner of Islam because the prophet KAW said "whoever fought for the sake of 3asabiyah supporting one group or fighting another and died, he died the death of jahiliyah."

Al-Albani : OK. Do we need an Amir to do jihad ?

Al-jihad supporter : No.

Al-Albani : so we do jihad in a big disorganized mess ? (Arabic : Fawda)

Al-jihad supporter : No ... but

Al-Albani : Also, your first condition which is the pure intention. This condition in every worship so we are done with it. Your second, under the Islamic banner, do you imagen jihad without an Amir? how can we have an Islamic banner without an Amir for that banner ?

Al-jihad supporter : We can do jihad in this manner like if a muslim goes to a kafir enemy leader, and kills him.

Al-Albani : But we were talking about the jihad of a group. Jihad under an Islamic banner is it the jihad of one person or the jihad of a group ? Also, a group of Muslims that leave for jihad, do they not need an Amir to lead them ?

Al-jihad supporter : Yes, yes of course. A group of Muslims who travel or leave for jihad need an Amir. and If a group of Muslims of more than 3 leave for Jihad they need an Amir.

Al-Albani : Then why did you not mention this as a condition?

Al-jihad supporter : well, okay, let us make it a third condition

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