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Topic initiated on Friday, February 23, 2007  -  6:04 AM Reply with quote
Hazrat Aiyshah rta and hazrat Ali rta

Salam all

I would be grateful if my learned friends could share their thoughts and views on the incident between Hazrat Ali rta and hazrat Aisha rta. My understanding is that it occured at the time Hazrat Ali became the Caliph after Hazrat Usman rta was martyred. The issue involved bringing the murderers of Hazrat Usman rta to justice. In my limited understanding, Hazrat Aisha rta wanted the murderers to be brought to justice and it was difficult politically for Hazrat Ali rta to take action as he was not politically stable.

My questions are;

1. Were there any other issues that I am not aware of

2. How could two people with extremely sound and great knowledge of Islam felt they could not solve the issue in any other way but fight.

3. According to Islamic Shariah regulating obediance of a ruler is mandatory provided he has either not ordered something that is against the commandments of Allah or His Prophet pbuh or commited blatent act of kufr. The punishment for disobediance is death. So from a legal aspect how do we gauge the act of Hazrat Aisha.

4. Why did the other noteable muslims not intervene and stop?

I appreciate that it is a sensitive topic and we have sunni and shiat brothers and sisters participants. The aim is not to engage in sectarian issues but looking at this unfortunate incident in light of history and shariah. I have utmost admiration for both Hazrat Aishah and Hazrat Ali rta. I canot fathom how with their knowledge and wisdom they could not avert a war between two muslim fractions.

Posted - Saturday, February 24, 2007  -  7:30 AM Reply with quote
Zubair(RA) and Abdullah(RA)(both are in ashhar-e-Mubashira) came with mother Aiyshah from Madina.They meet with Harat Ali(RA) before the war begain and Hazrat Ali(RA) Clear his position.Both were satisfied with his reply.

Then there was no war suppose to took place but there were some munafaqeen who killed both the campanions Zubair(RA) and Abdullah(RA) and have started the war.

Hazrat Ali was waried about the Mother Aiyshah and he finally managed to brought her in his save custedy.

Ammah Aiyshah use to cry after She went to Madina on what hepend there in her hole life.

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