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Topic initiated on Monday, February 5, 2007  -  2:19 PM Reply with quote
The Great Disaster


"(On the day of judgment) the disbelievers will be told, 'God's abhorrence towards you is far worse than your own abhorrence towards yourselves, for you were invited to the faith but refused.' They will say, 'Our Lord, You gave us two deaths and two lives, and now we confess our sins; IS THERE ANYWAY OUT?' That is because when GOD ALONE was advocated, you refused to believe. But when idols were advocated along with Him, you believed. Therefore, judgment now belongs with God, the most high, the great." (40:1012)

When GOD ALONE is advocated, do you believe? OR Do you have to have others advocated along with Him?

"When their messengers went to them with clear evidence, they were satisfied with the knowledge they already had, and the very thing they ridiculed caused their doom. Then, when they say our retribution, they said, 'NOW WE BELIEVE IN GOD ALONE AND WE REJECT OUR PREVIOUS IDOLATRY.' But alas, their belief is useless to them after they see the retribution. Such is God's law which is never changeable; such disbelievers are doomed." (40:835)

Are you happy and satisfied with the knowledge you inherited from your parents, elders or scholars? (Hadith & the Sunna)

Are you willing to give up such knowledge, in favor of God's teachings? OR, will it be too late for you?

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