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Topic initiated on Tuesday, December 5, 2006  -  10:15 PM Reply with quote
Boycotting good from occupation regime in Palestin


Edited by: marwan on Sunday, August 08, 2010 10:29 PM

Posted - Wednesday, December 6, 2006  -  12:57 PM Reply with quote
any reason for excluding Irish from the list.

Posted - Wednesday, December 6, 2006  -  1:29 PM Reply with quote
brother Marwan salaam!

I appreciate your feelings and emotions. In my very limited and humble opinion, I see the problem slightly differently. I am not saying , that I am right and you are wrong , I feel the issue is slightly different.

Firstly, if Allah wanted to amke everyone a muslim, it would not be an issue.Kun Fayakoon.

Secondly, what is the purpose of this life and world. As I understand, Ibtillah i.e test. Allah has created us and given us this life to select the future population of Paradise. He has given us Divine Guidance and also we have reflection of Allah in everything around us. The test is how we use our knowledge and intellect, and achieve success in the life Hereafter.

Thirdly, Allah's sunnan, how He deals with nations. We know that Allh's success is not with name, nationality or family. But with actions and intentions.

Fourthly,One must ask, is this a coincidance that Muslims all over the world are being humilated and the non muslims are in power.Is it not with Allah's knowledge?

In my limited understanding, my dear brother, the need is for Muslims to realise their role and their purpose. The need of the day is that we look at our conduct and our behaviour. We understand and follow the true ethos of Islam.I have firm faith that if Muslims today start to practice Islam properly, The geographical and political map of this world will change.

As I see it, Allah is clearly showing to the muslims that respect and honour of the "chosen nation" will be with us only if we behave like one. Otherwise we can read the history of all previous nations. We will not go to Paradise because my name is Ibrahim, but if I perform the actions worthy of going to Paradise.

You very rightly raised the point that which country of the world at present has a true muslim state and practising muslims.

In my opinion rather than blaming USA, UK and Israel, we should look at ourselves.

The Islam that I believe in was depicted by the prophet Mohammad Pbuh, when Hazrat Yasser's family was being persecuted in Makkah, The Prophet Pbuh, did not say to them, I shall revenge you.His reply was "patience, aal i Yasser, Allah has promised Paradise". Similarly at Taaif. The Prophet Pbuh prayed for the ignorant people to have awareness, and prayed for them , hoping that in their children , there will be some God fearing believers.

In my very limited opinion. my dear brother in Islam. I feel that all the people in this world are my Allah's creations.I cannot hate my Allah's creation. Everyone according to "Ahd i Alasst" have an inborn light of Truth and Tauheed in them.It is a matter of us being right about our actions and the rest will change.

Today a muslim is like a person who never went to a medical school, never learnt or practised as a doctor, has put Dr initials in front of his name and wants to be considered and payed a doctors salary.

There is a sher in urdu, and I may not get it completely right.
Na thee haal kee apnee khabar
nazar aatey they sub ke aeb u hunar
Parhey haal pay apney nazar
to nazar meen koi buraa na rahaa.
Hazrat Umar rta and hazrat Khalid Bib Walid were not born muslims, Allah changed their hearts.When Muslims were true to their religion, in Badr One muslim was equivlant to 10 kafirs, but when muslims behave like non muslims in evrything,accept having a muslim name, then should we be dreaming of Allah's help?

Posted - Wednesday, December 6, 2006  -  5:53 PM Reply with quote
Marwan your thinking is like the logic presented by your sheikh osama-bin-ladin. It is no surprise really, you have shown your takfiri nature.

Tell me what is the fault of those Americans who were born in America, who have no ties to immigrant countries, and who are Muslim - are they hypocrites too in your eyes?

The sad thing is you are so ignorant and claim to have knowledge. May God save us from people like you! When people live in a country, they have to pay taxes - they are not freely supporting the activities of their government - they must pay taxes or face litigation by authorities and go to jail. Whether people like it or not, they do not have a choice and they do not control what their government does.

But from a extremist, fascist, takfiri, I do not expect much understanding. May Allah save us from idiots and ignorants who charade themselves as aalims.

Posted - Wednesday, December 6, 2006  -  11:24 PM Reply with quote

donating money to a government that kills and oppresses muslims

If you think paying taxes is like donating money then you are an idiot.

Posted - Thursday, December 7, 2006  -  1:04 AM Reply with quote
dear marwan,

Quoting verses from the Qur'an does not make one an Aalim. I can do that too. You may have knowledge but you don't have the hikmat.

There are thousands of Muslim Americans who were born and raised here and they do not have any other home country, nor do they have the means to migrate. To suggest that all these people are hypocrites or munafiqs is a big insult and if I were you, I would be trembling in fear of Allah because of the repercussions of such an accusation. Either you do not have the taqwa, or you are truly a jahil. Allah knows best.

May Allah guide us all to the truth.

Posted - Thursday, December 7, 2006  -  7:04 AM Reply with quote


copy and paste the link into the address bar if it wont work

Boycott Israeli goods...

And may Allah curse all the hypocrites filling the coffers of jews and americans and the english.

Edited by: marwan on Wednesday, December 06, 2006 9:41 PM

have u ever think of provider of the internet technology u r using to curse all..
have u ever think of the chipset used in ur laptop mfrd by whom?

have u ever enquired the brand of pc u use is from whom?

make ur appeal to urself first check whose bank balance ur increasing by purchasing and using it.

otherwise i m afraid ur curse may take a u turn.

take care

Posted - Thursday, December 7, 2006  -  10:19 AM Reply with quote

i do actually.

Which is why i bought a pc with amd processor.

I have open office and never buy microsoft or intel goods.

I do not shop at tesco and make every effort to avoid goods that are bad for my brothers and sisters.

so thanks for asking.

The fact is we must do what we possibly can.

Edited by: marwan on Thursday, December 07, 2006 10:01 AM

amazing man!!!!!!
I must appreciate your zeal

the headquarter of AMD is in usa and manufacturing units are in taiwan,germany and would be in india etc.
for AMD let me inform you :

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (abbreviated AMD; NYSE: AMD) is an American manufacturer of integrated circuits based in Sunnyvale, California. It is the second-largest supplier of x86-compatible processors, and was once a leading supplier of non-volatile flash memory. It was founded in 1969 by a group of former executives from Fairchild Semiconductor, including Jerry Sanders, III


I think bycott is a negative solution,

why dont we pursue to compete americans/jews in every field.
lets we have our own processor
we have a big own market to consume

so where is the prob ?

Posted - Thursday, December 7, 2006  -  8:31 PM Reply with quote
Muslims can only succeed if they follow Allah's verses properly and shun the takfiri mentality.

Posted - Friday, December 8, 2006  -  2:58 PM Reply with quote
You not only distort the words of other men, but also distort the words of Allah with your twisted understanding. May God save the Muslim ummah from people like you marwan. We do not need you.

Posted - Saturday, December 9, 2006  -  12:42 PM Reply with quote

because as an engineer i have to work on pcs.

Intel has a big plant on occupied territory. so that made me lean towards amd.

When I find a better alternative, i'll insha Allah take it....

It sounds like a liberal or moderate approach .

this is indeed a practical ISLAMIC approach.

In the same way quoting verses related with war at the time of peace is non
judicious till then you have an alternative.

Posted - Sunday, December 10, 2006  -  2:03 PM Reply with quote
every command is bound to the conditions available to a believer.

There must be a situation of war to excute those commands related to war.

Posted - Wednesday, December 13, 2006  -  6:11 AM Reply with quote

exactly how is the current situation of muslims and of the powers of the world like us, uk and the jewish occupiers in palestine and the oppressors of the chechens and of the kashmiris etc... NOT contexts for the war verses?

What exactly do you mean?

do the common muslims living in usa ,uk,kashmir agree with you that they are living in a war like situation?

if uk,usa are the real enemies ,how come they allow us to have mosques and pray Allah?

Out of 56 muslim nations only 3-4 are targetted .why they spare the rest majority?

How can you say ,Ireland is not supporting these oppressors directly or indirectly?


Posted - Wednesday, December 13, 2006  -  2:50 PM Reply with quote

Ireland is certainly not the best country, but it is not the worst either. I want to leave here as soon as I can and I will insha Allah do so.

Edited by: marwan on Wednesday, December 13, 2006 10:57 AM

all of us have to choose between the best and the worst.

when it comes to your personal choice you speak moderately.(whether living in a less muslim freindly country or using a technology from so called enemies.)

why dont you think the same about the rest of ummah when they too have the same opinion.

its very easy to term someone as munafiq but always hard to judge oneself as a tru muslim.

isnt it good to practice what you say.

Posted - Wednesday, December 13, 2006  -  3:22 PM Reply with quote

You are such a fool. If I were to go back and live in Pakistan, and pay taxes there - then according to your idiotic logic, I would be supporting a corrupt government - and don't forget they also hunt down and kill their own people - the so called terrorists.

If I stay in US, then idiots like you call me infidel for supporting US government (which I do not). If I go to Pakistan, I am no better off, infact that place is more corrupt. Perhaps Pakistan is the only Muslim country in the world where you need army guards to protect worshippers on the jumma prayers. At least in the US I can go to any mosque and pray in peace without having to worry about my back!

Posted - Tuesday, December 26, 2006  -  2:57 PM Reply with quote

Quoting verses from the Qur'an does not make one an Aalim. I can do that too. You may have knowledge but you don't have the hikmat.

But you, oosman, neither have knowledge nor hikmat

Either you do not have the taqwa, or you are truly a jahil.

But you, oosman, surely have NO taqwa and you are truly a jahil

Muslims can only succeed if they follow Allah's verses properly and shun the takfiri mentality.

We are already following Allah's verses properly and shunning the people like you, oosman.

You not only distort the words of other men, but also distort the words of Allah with your twisted understanding. May God save the Muslim ummah from people like you marwan. We do not need you.

But you oosman label your own desires as islam by hook and crook, not otherwise.
May God save the Muslim ummah from people like you oosman. We do not at all need you the jahila, hypocrite and the idol worshipper.

nope... it is you the ummah does not need.
There are already plenty of hypocrites, limp-wristed, spineless "muslims" and those muslims who want to change the deen to fit in, in their evil kaffir countires...
One less is always welcome... but hardly noticeable.

Excellent comment of Marwan for oosman- the jahila, hypocrite and the idol worshipper!

I know this as I know of a muslim human rights group in the uk who says the governement is openly working to liberalise islam through puppet scholars and pressure on groups to shut up about muslims problems and jihad solutions. And actually FUNDING muslim groups that liberalise islam and turn it into a limp wristed pacifistic religion.

Excellent Marwan!!!!

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