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Topic initiated on Friday, December 1, 2006  -  7:57 AM Reply with quote
No. of Ayat

I have joined this forum just today. Actually I was having a problem about the Number of Ayah in Quran. Most of the books say these are 6666, but I found them 6348 (including 113 Bismillahs). I found this on some sites to be 6616.
Can anyone help me on this...

Posted - Friday, December 1, 2006  -  10:09 PM Reply with quote
Alaikom Salaam wa Rahmatullah
The Learned are of different oppinions regarding the numbers of ayas in The Holy Quran. Some of the early scholars concidered Bismillah to be an aya of every surat and some divided for instance a small portion into 1 aya and others into 2 ayas. Thats why the difference in the NUMBERS of ayas. But this i sof less importance. The important is that the content of the Quran as a whole is the same according to all Ulamas. So the difference in number of ayas does not mean that some Ulamas concidered Quran to be more lengthy or shorter.

Posted - Saturday, December 2, 2006  -  6:52 AM Reply with quote
Jazakallah Khair for your reply...

There is not doubt about it that there is nothing missing in Quran. But I found a file naming Quran in Excel, in which, every row contains an ayah with english translation and Arabic text. I found that the no. of rows in that file were 6350, that alarmed me that it might be possible that someone just for some satanic mind did that, and intentionally missed some ayah.

Posted - Tuesday, December 5, 2006  -  6:28 AM Reply with quote
Ms. aligee1 plz Note that the Famous No of 6666 is TOTALLY wrong. There r Seven Famous countings found in the Authentic Books & All have ONE common thing i.e. All r More than 6000 BUT no one has 6666.& the Correct thing is what Br. Ibrahim has mentioned in his Post.

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