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Topic initiated on Monday, November 27, 2006  -  11:29 AM Reply with quote
entiled to Heaven?

Muslim means one who has submitted to the Will of God. How can he who has not submitted to His Will expect to earn reward from him? However a Muslim is neither by birth nor anyone who is registered as a Muslim in a Government census. Whoever has Iman (Belief in Oneness of Allah, the Last Day and accountability and all His Prophets) and does good work can expect his reward. A spy of the enemy nation, if caught, can not expect pardon on the basis of his good social behaviour. The loyalty to the Government is a pre-requisite for good works to be recognized. Iman is loyalty to the lone Sovereign of the universe. Good deeds and works are the manifestation and proof of loyalty. Qur’an is very explicit about it that both are necessary.

An essential clarification is also required here. Iman or the Faith cannot be ascertained by declaration alone. It is inside the hearts and Allah knows all. Only he is a person of Faith whose Faith is accepted by Allah as genuine. It has been made clear in Qur’an that all those who declare themselves to be Muslims are not necessarily Faithful. See the following verse.

“Those who are distant from the center of knowledge claim that they believe. Tell them: ‘You do not believe; rather you can say that you profess Islam’. Iman has not yet found its way into your hearts” (49:14)

On the other hand Allah can accept the Faith of those who had Iman in their hearts but could not openly declare for circumstances known to themselves and Allah knew the genuineness of their concealment. The examples of such people are mentioned in Qur’an 40:28-45 and 48:25.

There is no claim on Allah of anyone on the basis of their birth in a particular family. Paradise is for those who truly believe in the eyes of Allah and do good works also. Qur’an has repeatedly warned those who call themselves Muslims that paradise is not their right by birth. These sort of claims, Qur’an clarifies, were made by those who were corrupted believers. Those who are called Jews once truly believed in Moses (pbuh) and followed his teaching but later when their Faith and deeds were corrupted they started claiming that they would enter paradise on the basis of their Faith and if the punishment for some deeds had to be inflicted upon them it will be temporary after which they will be entered into the eternal paradise. Qur’an warns Muslims not to be in the footsteps of Jews who make such claims:

“And they say: “The fire shall not touch us but for a few numbered days”; Say: “Have ye taken promise from Allah for He never breaks His promise? Or is it that ye say of Allah what ye do not know?

Nay, those who seek gain in Evil and are girt round by their sins they are Companions of the Fire therein shall they abide. But those who have faith and work righteousness they are Companions of the Garden therein shall they abide.” (2:80-82)

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