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Topic initiated on Friday, November 3, 2006  -  1:17 PM Reply with quote
Hajr i aswaad

I would like to ask my learned forum collegues to share their knowledge about Hajr i aswaad. As I understand some people think it is a meteor whilst others think it is one of the stones from the first Bait Ullah built by Hazrat Ibrahim pbuh.

I understand historically it was taken away at one stage in its history from Makkah and was returned after paying a ransom.

I would be grateful for sharing your knowledge

Posted - Tuesday, August 7, 2007  -  7:19 AM Reply with quote
Mr Ghamidi is of the Opinion that it is one of the stones from the first Bait Ullah built before Hazrat Ibrahim pbuh.
When Prophet Ibrahim pbuh Built it, He Put this OLD Stone in One of its Corners.

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