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Topic initiated on Saturday, October 7, 2006  -  8:03 AM Reply with quote
Quran: The Voice of God

Quran ,the voice of God

....When man fears to stand alone, without support, in an unfathomable universe, the Qur’an sets his mind at rest by making his destination clear to him, and directing him towards it. In the Qur’an man thus meets his Lord, beholds His promises and rejoices in His good tidings. In this way, the Qur’an fills a man with sufficient conviction to define his place in the world. Giving concrete form to the instinctive feelings which swirl in man’s subconscious about his Lord and Master, the Qur’an sets his feet well and truly on the path of submission to Him. In so doing, it brings him closer to God.

In seeking to ascertain God’s will, just to read through the Qur’an is not enough: one has rather to become deeply engrossed in it. It is only when one has formed a strong degree of attachment to the Qur’an that one has access to all the advantages it offers. One has to be bound to the Qur’an as one is by a contract—or ta’ahud (the word used by the Prophet) in order to reap its benefits. This awareness of the greatness of the Qur’an, and consequent adherence thereto, cannot come about at second hand. That is, one may hear a commentator or man of letters discourse upon the Qur’an and may form a high opinion of the speaker and his attainments, but that is not the way to form a genuine attachment with the Qur’an itself. A real bond with the Qur’an can be forged only if one reads the Holy Scriptures oneself, thus having direct access to the contents. Only then will its wisdom be engraved upon one’s memory. Only then will it be appreciated for what it actually is.

This is not a mere figment of the imagination. It is supported by basic psychology. For example, it may be contended that the difference between cotton wool and stone is merely relative, that, in fact, they are the same thing, both in the last analysis being accumulations of the same kind of electrons. But this contention is purely academic. In the real world, cotton cannot be thought of as anything but soft, and stone as anything but hard. It is not superficial or abstract definitions which determine the impression one shall have of the matter at hand, but the knowledge that one gains of it by direct, personal experience

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