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Topic initiated on Friday, October 6, 2006  -  10:10 PM Reply with quote
can we play cards

i would like to ask if it is alright in islam for muslims to play card games. ive heard dat the Prophet(swt) did not approve of cards, so does dat mean we cannot play? Wen i talk bout card games, i do not mean gambling, i mean usual games to pass over the time. i would b grateful if sum1 could answer my question
Allah Haffiz

Posted - Saturday, October 7, 2006  -  7:53 AM Reply with quote
w salaam
well 1st of All we shud Know that where our Prophet (pbuh) has NOT approved of Cards?
2ndly, we know that Muslims can Play All Games like Cards etc. Provided:
1- They Do not do this In EXCESS
2- They Do not Forgot their Duties Bcoz of Them eg Offering Prayers & doing Homework in case of Kids Doing Daily life duties in case of Elders etc.
3- They do not Involve in WRONG things like gambling etc.

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