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Topic initiated on Friday, October 6, 2006  -  10:37 AM Reply with quote
Comments of a Professional Scientist on Islam

Asalam Aalaikum,

Dear Brothers,

I am also a member of www.interfaithforums.com where people from different faith and countries discuss and debate about religion and science.

One of a member of this forum by the username : "Amergin" has expressed his comments on Islam and Prophet Muhammad and I thought that I should share it with the brothers in this forum so that you may come to know that still their are many westerns who praise and appreciate the efforts made by Prophet(pbuh) and his Companions and those Muslim Scientists and Philosophers who came in medival times.

His comments are as follows:
Remember that people at that time or the time of Jesus were not modern physicians, pathologists, microbiologists, virologists or such. But they did see in their lives some illnesses being passed from animal to animal, human animal to human animal, and non-human animal to human. It didn't happen with every disease (tumours, epilepsy, heart attacks) but with an average life span of 40 years, it figures that more people died of infectious diseases than tumors or heart disease (generally older.) Epilepsy was demon possession to Jesus' knowledge. Jesus failed to warn people with TB, Typhoid, Leprosy, or Syphilis to be quaranteened or avoid close contact with sick people.

I think Muhammad (PBUH) was showing wisdom by reminding people that many diseases that they know and we have forgotten, were spread by transmission. We still have Bird Flu, HIV, Syphilis, but less TB, less Typhoid, less Leprosy because of antibiotics. Western Christendom did not recognise transmission of disease until a British physician during the 17th Century Great Plague.

Muhammad (PBUH) encouraged knowledge while Popes forbade it, during the Dark Ages. It was Muslim Science, Muslim Mathematics, Muslim Astronomy, and Medicine along with their preservation of ancient Greek Science that spread from Islamic Cordoba in Islamic Spain to ignorant European scholars. Those Christian scholars who studied in Cordoba came back north and into Italy where they ignited the Renaissance, and the revival of scientific investigation after a millennium of science suppression by the Popes. Science risked torture or death at the hands of the Inquisition. After Islamic Knowledge encouraged by Muhammad (PBUH) and the early Caliphs reached Europe it ended the Dark Ages (390-1500 CE.)

I am a pofessional scientist. I would not be one if the flow of knowledge from Islam to Dark Ages Europe had not occurred.

I would say to Jesus: Thank you for your wisdom, compassion, and model of self-sacrifice.

I would say to Muhammad (PBUH): Thank you Sir for your philosophy of knowledge and wisdom. Your teachings loosened the chains of ignorance of our European minds, and the shackles of superstition from our brains.Amergin

Posted - Friday, October 6, 2006  -  10:52 AM Reply with quote
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