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Posted - Wednesday, October 11, 2006  -  1:59 PM Reply with quote

''non serious immature brain..''

my colleagues, they are very good scientists and do good sciences have good publications in high impact journal. most of the scientists never beleive relegion.

non muslim respect hinduism, budhism except Islam. If non muslim respect Islam, then we don't need to pray hide, no right to give Azaaan...........but its okay the bell in the chauch ringing ringing loudly............

Posted - Wednesday, October 11, 2006  -  4:42 PM Reply with quote
sister, it seems you are alone in Sweden and do not have any support or friends.

It is our faith that everything comes from Allah and for a reason.

We must remind ourselves that everyone is our Allah's creations and we cannot dislike any one created by our Allah.

You have a tough tets, but remember your rewards will be according to your difficulties.

Be firm and strong and may Allah give you strength and make your circumsatnces easier.

Posted - Wednesday, October 11, 2006  -  8:02 PM Reply with quote
assalam alaikum, lubnayasmin,

I respect you for your bravery in facing such co-workers at the party. It must have been very difficult.

One of my Chinese friends asked me why we must pray 5 times a day and what happens if we don't, will Allah punish us for not praying, what will happen to other people who don't pray. I simply said I do not know. He was a bit amused, but I did not take it to heart nor did I think he is kafir and will go to Hell or that he is deaf dumb and blind to the truth. He is infact a scientist in the highly specialized bioinfomatics field and works with DNA. I even tried to ask him once how he can not believe in the Creator while he continues to work with DNA and such things.

When people ask you if you think you are better than them because you are Muslim, eat halal, avoid pork and haram - just say that Allah knows best. And even in your heart do not think you are better than them, that is for Allah to see. We should not think they are deaf, dumb, blind kafirs.

Posted - Wednesday, October 11, 2006  -  8:14 PM Reply with quote
Very well said Oosman. Your sentiments are so very true. I fully agree with above. May Allah give you teh rewards

Posted - Thursday, October 12, 2006  -  10:49 AM Reply with quote
my colleagues, they are very good scientists and do good sciences have good publications in high impact journal. most of the scientists never beleive relegion.
I believe and agree with you that your colleagues are highly intelligent professionals.

But plz be objective,my comment was not about their professions but to questions /remarks they use to post before you.

Read these questions again and say if they are really serious,or is there questions suggests they are intelligent.

Why muslim behave strange?(yes people say strange to those things they dont know or have an idea)
Your god made discrimination why?(any example plz)
Since you cover you body, we are not , are we bad...........?(have i said this)
Since we drink alcohol and eat pork are we bad................?(you have yours and i have my own reasons not to drink or eat few things)
isn't it reticoulous the whole ramadan you spend time in the mosque from 20.00-22.30? what's the use of that?(i feel good to follow what my religion says)
we will go to hell since we are not doing this..........? (how can yo say to go a place you dont belive,I dont belive you go to hell)
see your god................ (InshaAllah,we all)
what do you do in the mosque some kind of physical exercise or meditation............(you may say if its your first time to look at someone praying, we pray Allah and express our feeling both verbally and physically,, I invite you for a practical experience in a near by mosque to offer this physical excercise.)
do you wake up middle of the night.........(.a few nights in Ramdhan )
only your book well documented from your god..............(yes ,if you go through the verses ,you realise that no one except God can say so,more over there is only one edition of Quran found unlike bible's different versions)
You haven't wishes us by cheering with alcohol.........do you think its decent.........strange strange..........(I really think its strange to drink alcohol,I really dont understand why people are too weak to get support of liquid to be in stable mood.)

May Almighty reward for your patience


Posted - Thursday, October 12, 2006  -  10:50 AM Reply with quote
assalamualikum brothers. Sukraan for doa. BarakaAllah fee.

This topic: why are muslim mistaken? to address this question, the reason I try to sort out. obviously here should be different point of views since we are not same individual. you guys know more and better than me mashaAllah. If a muslim not do mistaken, follow ISlam that means he/she is in Allah's way.

Question: Is it easy to be mumin?
we know the defination of mumin and
He/she is not mumin
1. who think I am better than other
2. I dislike non muslim
3. not beleiving faith

Allah is great and give brain to Ashraful Maklukaat SubhanAllah. now how Ashraful maklukaat use this brain?

5x I am standing in front of Allah which means at least 5x I get chance to confess to Allah what I have done in whole day (good or bad)if you do good things you have pleasure inside you can feel it. If you do bad things someone will say several time you made mistake, don't do it and ask forgiveness and give Sadaqah.

I talk about nonmuslims and also I said I keep my mouth shut always. becuase these nonmuslims are not my enimy and they are not my headeche either. My enimy is only Shaytan who is trying to prevent me to be mumin (which is the important point here why muslim mistaken). Allah bring me here and Allah help me and give me success everywhere Allhamdullillah.

SubhanAllah I am not alone since Allah and Allah's Quran always with me.

SubhanAllah I meet you guys on net and learn a lot Allhamdullillah. May Allah reward you the best .

Posted - Thursday, October 12, 2006  -  10:58 AM Reply with quote
Assalamualikum Raushan brother. Suukran. if they realy wanna to know without laughing and joking, InshaAllah I will tell them.

Posted - Thursday, October 12, 2006  -  12:08 PM Reply with quote
do pray for me

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